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    The World of No Rest for the Wicked

    When I started NRFTW, I had no idea it took place in a pre-existing supernatural world. I’m not going to get into all the known settings and entities that exist in my head, but when it comes to that world specifically, it’s inarguably the biggest, oldest, and one that I understand the best. You could say I live there. 🙂 So, what do I mean when I say it exists in a world I’d already created? In NRFTW, there’s a shifter in plain sight. I hint at it, but I don’t talk about it, because one, Tatum doesn’t know that this person is a shifter, and two, it has nothing to…

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    Where Characters Come From

    One day I was telling my brother how sorry I felt for a rather unfortunate-looking character in WINTER’S SIREN. And my brother was like, “You made her that way.” And I quickly responded, “She came to me that way.” And that’s true for everyone I write about these days. If the characters don’t come to me with a story, than I’m just grasping at air. And if I’m grasping at air…well, I stop. Whenever I get a new idea, people just start showing up. Sure, we can make an argument for them already being in my head somewhere, made up of different parts of things that I’ve stumbled across over…

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    A Cup of Duology Tea

    Okay. I’m just going to say it. I kind of sort of have a sequel idea for NO REST FOR THE WICKED. I mean like, I had a concept a year ago, but like, no plot. Now, I kind of sort of have a plot. It’s not like a fully developed “I’m DYING to write this” kind of plot. More like a, “hey, look at that shiny thing over there,” kind of plot. I think what happened is that I’ve come to conclusion that in order to properly tell a certain story idea I have, I must write a historical setting for an entire novel. I’ve just had a lot…

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    Historic Riverside Cemetery, Asheville, NC

    One of the bits of research I did for NO REST FOR THE WICKED was studying a map and pictures of the Historic Riverside Cemetery in Asheville, North Carolina. I’ve been to Asheville, but I haven’t been to Riverside, so it was great to find so much information on it. I’m definitely going to stop by the next time I’m there. It’s old, large, and peaceful, and the perfect place to find a mausoleum like the one Tatum went into to get to the underground. 🙂

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    Release Day Party: No Rest for the Wicked!

    YAY! Book is here! To celebrate, I’m interviewing main character Tatum, her cousin Gretchen, and Emmerick, the drifter who lives in their basement. ^_^ Me: So excited! How are you guys? Tatum: Oh, great. You know. You’re just airing my dirty undies for the world to see. Gretchen: (laughs) I think she made me look pretty good. Emmerick: Let’s not forget who’s actual dirty laundry is on display. Me: That didn’t answer the question, but okay? So tell me, what’s you’re favorite part of this story? Tatum: The end. Gretchen: (laughs) I also like the end but for a completely different reason than you, I’m sure. Emmerick: My favorite was watching…