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    Medieval Fishes Are Like So Tasty

    So I realized I haven’t talked about what I’m doing at all since NaNoWriMo. So, update time! ^_^ “The Raven” is STILL not done. Now admittedly, I didn’t write for about 10 days because I’ve been sick and lazy and in a non-fiction book reading hole. HOWever, the book WILL be done (as in first-drafted) by year’s end. I’m SO close (7 chapters!), even though it honestly doesn’t feel like I am. But in truth, with a healthy dose of discipline, it’s very possible that I can be done by the end of this weekend! (PLEASE OH PLEASE!) You know what “they” say, nothing quite motivates you to finish what you’re working…

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    The Number 17 & Two Year Blogoversary!

    Nope, this isn’t an episode of Sesame Street. Okay, let’s get it out of our system though: (in the voice of the vampire puppet, whatshisface, “Seventeen! There are seventeen street lamps!” ^_^ No, it’s my 17th Year Anniversary of my very first completed novel attempt!!! So to celebrate, I’m going to do the impossible, choose a top 3 favorite from two categories: pre-college finished novels and post-college finished AND unfinished novels. (And to make things harder on myself, I’m going to put the one story I finished during college in the pre-category because of the length – which was too short.) And this was really hard. Especially in the first category…

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    My Work Space

    I meant to do this post a while ago, but I had to clean up said work space. ahem Lol! I got the questions for this post from Jodie Llewellyn’s Blog, who got the idea from The YA League. Fun, fun. ^_^ Writing Habits  1. Typed or Handwritten? I write bits and pieces of stuff by hand when I’m away from the computer, and I do all my planning and story boarding by hand, but when it comes to drafting it’s typing all the way. You put a kink in your neck typing from a notebook too many times, and you will never want to do it again. 2. Cursive…

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    To This Day: Video Poem

    It’s poetry week again! I want to share with everyone one of the most beautiful poems I’ve ever heard…To This Day by Canadian Poet & Author Shane Koyczan. If you haven’t heard this yet, this poem is the anthem for his anti-bullying campaign: To This Day Project. Shane Koyczan is an amazing poet. He travels around from time to time giving live performances. His schedule can be found on his website. Enjoy the piece! And share it with everyone you know. 🙂