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    Dance of the Setting Fairy, Part Three

    Since I’m still working on the same story I was talking about last week, LOL, I wanted to talk a bit about the setting for it, as well as the setting for the upcoming WHISPER. WHISPER takes place in a futuristic Chicago, though you wouldn’t know it’s slightly futuristic because I ended up ditching the futuristic transportation in lieu of an Uber-like service because it was more flexible than whatever crap I was going to do. Truth be told, Uber and Lyft were unknown to me when I got this idea in 2013. So, why Chicago? If you’re thinking it’s my favorite city, you would be wrong. I like Chicago,…

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    Character Profiles: Winter’s Siren

    WINTER’S SIREN is now available on Kindle Unlimited if you’re a subscriber. For fun, I’m going to do some character profiles for some of the main players: Fawn & Devi and Viktor & Andrew 🙂 First Name: Fawn Last Name: Unknown Age: 22 Birthplace: Bolivia, South America Location of “Adoption”: Venezuela, South America Hobby: Daydreaming but not the fluffy cloud kind of daydreaming Occupation: Prima Donna of a secluded opera house Fears: Birds, large and small Random Fact: Was abandoned because her mom didn’t think she could afford to raise her First Name: Devi Last Name: Stron-Formes Age: 21 Birthplace: Montana, USA – Smoky Mountain Region Education: Personal Tutor Hobbies: Reading fairy tales…

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    Historic Riverside Cemetery, Asheville, NC

    One of the bits of research I did for NO REST FOR THE WICKED was studying a map and pictures of the Historic Riverside Cemetery in Asheville, North Carolina. I’ve been to Asheville, but I haven’t been to Riverside, so it was great to find so much information on it. I’m definitely going to stop by the next time I’m there. It’s old, large, and peaceful, and the perfect place to find a mausoleum like the one Tatum went into to get to the underground. 🙂