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A Basketful of Ideas

Once upon a time I was going to start a blog about beauty products. I had preliminary sketches of what the site would look like and how it would be organized. It was going to be all about natural and organic beauty products and how to find the right products for your skin.

While I’m still into it to a degree, skin care was once a HUGE passion of mine. I was always trying new things: drugstore brands, department store crap, and everything in between. I once gave an entire Oil of Olay set to a friend who almost wouldn’t take it because she thought it was too expensive for me to just give away. She quickly changed her mind, though, when I told her the alternative was the trash. I got a blemish from it because it was for dry skin and I have combination skin. I would use NOTHING that broke me out in any way, however tiny the blemish, however expensive the product. Haha.

Not everyone knows, but I did actually blog about my hair for a tiny bit. I was trying some new products, and I wasn’t writing, so I thought I’d blog about my hair and blow off some of that creative energy. But once I found some new products that I liked, which didn’t take long, I didn’t feel like blogging about it anymore.

Then I changed that blog to talk about my finances, because I still wasn’t writing, and I was reading all of these budgeting books and finance articles and getting my crap together, and I needed an outlet for all of that.

Both times I tried to talk about that stuff over here, and both times I felt like I got a mixed reception of people either saying they couldn’t relate in an artfully condescending way, or people feeling overly compelled to give me some kind of advice or “well-meaning” mini lecture. And I’m over here like: “I was just talking. CAN’T I JUST SIT OVER HERE AND TALK ABOUT STUFF?”

I actually kept up the finance blogging for almost two years. Since it doesn’t cost me extra to host it with my plan, I actually still have it, but it’s not live anymore.

I talked about getting and staying out of debt, banking, budgeting apps, podcasts and other finance topics, and why I decided to close all of my credit card accounts. I actually use credit cards now, because I can’t turn down cash back now that I’m responsible and such. 😛 But I did without them for a while, and it was really good for me, and I documented it. I stopped updating that blog, however, because I started writing regularly again, and I was also running out of steam for said finance topics.

Fact: I got so into the finance stuff that I was thinking about starting a Debt-Free Life podcast, where I would go off on tangents about my old bad money habits and offer unsolicited advice to people who aired their dirty finance laundry online. I would have kept them anonymous, of course. I actually did that a couple of times on the blog. It was really fun for me. I seriously thought about becoming a financial advisor. The thought of doing such now makes me nauseous though. LOL!

I also thought about doing movie reviews. There are definitely a few floating about the archives. That also falls into the old video ideas category. Back around 2009, I wanted to start a Random Life Youtube channel where I would have a “rant of the week.” LOL! It never got off the ground, largely because I didn’t know how to edit out the laugh attacks and long pauses.

I probably could have, and would have, figured it out if I’d wanted to do it bad enough, because as soon as I decided to give video making a real try, it was easy. A smidge time consuming, but easy.

I haven’t entirely given up on podcasting, but it’s definitely not on the agenda right now. I was going to start a book podcast about five years ago. I uploaded one audio file and gave up. I think videos are more fun for me. I make myself laugh, and I can see my face, which also makes me laugh for some reason. And it’s somehow made me less self-conscious.

It’s way easier for me to blog though. I write much better than I speak, but I think I’m getting better. ^_^


  • Michelle Athy

    Are these ideas to blog about now? I just default to whatever I’m into at the moment, usually some weird corner of history lol Podcasting seems like a lot of work and not one you can do halfway if it’s going to be good! Sometimes I wonder if I should be blogging more about writing again, but I don’t really have anything to say there particularly. Plus, it works better for me if I keep my writing to myself instead of talking about it all over the place because then the story doesn’t get written.

    I remember when you blogged about hair care! And I think homemade gifts?

    • Krystal Jane

      I did! I had a whole series of homemade gift ideas. I was super into crafting for a long while. I still make soap, but I’d like to do more again. And talk about it. ^_^ I’m definitely not motivated enough to get a proper podcast up. My sister has a couple, but she thinks really well on her feet. And she has a good radio voice.

      But yeah, these are all past ideas.

  • Tonja Drecker

    I’ve enjoyed the videos of you that I’ve seen. Very photogenic! A podcast sounds so adventurous, too. It doesn’t sound like you’ll ever run out of ideas…and that’s a good thing.

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