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So…I’m thinking about doing something crazy! So…let’s maybe talk about it a little bit? Hmm?

We all know I’m not writing books right now. It’s not a book project or a book-like project, i.e. a novel, a novella, a short story, a novel in verse, whatever.

I’ve mentioned a few times how one of my hobbies is songwriting. For years, I’ve been wanting to put more of my lyrics to music. It’s fun to sit down at the keyboard and play something and sing.

As a stroke of good fortune, or a sign from the universe, just as I’m heading into the last month of my Masterclass subscription, a new class drops from Alicia Keys about songwriting and producing.

I wasn’t expecting to get anything out of it. I had just finished a cooking class that left me feeling grossed out by the half bottle of olive oil that the guy poured over everything.

But the songwriting class was helpful right away. It helped me realize pretty quick that I’ve been mostly hung up on my basic piano skills, and even though she didn’t say anything about not worrying about my skill level, I immediately realized that I could write so many songs right where I am.

I know enough that I can figure out what key I’m in, which chords will make a mostly good harmony for whatever melody I want to sing, and when I need to break out of the key for a moment of lovely harmonic discord. ^_^

She pointed out that I could write an entire song with just two chords. So, in true me fashion, I fired up the keyboard, picked out a couple of chords I liked (b-minor thankyouverymuch), and recorded whatever nonsense vocals came to the table. Then I made separate recordings of a few different possible chorus harmonies, and a couple of days later, I played it all back, sketched out some lyrics, pounded out some extra notes for the bridge and the end of the chorus, and wrote a song. Super fun. Super mournful and emotional, just how I like.

The last time it was this easy for me to write a song was 2013. (A-minor thankyouplease). I told a coworker the next day that “I wrote a song last night,” and she was like, “You just wrote a song. Let that sink in for a minute.”

I still don’t think it’s a big deal, but it is making me think that maybe I can do this project after all.

Guys. I’m going to write a musical.

For fun. Obvi.

I spent about a month trying to settle on an idea. I didn’t want to take the easy way out by picking a current story idea, plus there’s still too much stress wrapped up in all of that. And I wanted to do something “original.” Just in case. Haha. In true her fashion, my sister gives me perfect idea while she’s totally joking. She was talking about boy-meets-girl plots, and my brain latched on to the darkest thread, and it was like, “Haha…wait.”

And laddies and creatures, I had my musical idea! The entire plot. Boom. It’s weird and crazy, and I’m really excited about it!! I’m just taking notes and making obscure voice recordings now, but I have the first three months of next year mapped out for how I can work on this is a non-overwhelming way.

No title yet. Just “The Musical.”

I’ve been wanting to write a musical for at least 5 years. Again. Totally for fun. I think it’ll be fun. I have a pretty good tenor to compliment my soprano, and I’m going to try for an alto and baritone, but we’ll see. I’m even giving in and accepting that I don’t sound like Sarah Brightman when I sing, so I hate my voice a little less now than I did a year ago. ^_^

Anyway, that’s all. What’s up?


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