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Mini Reading Challenges

I’m thinking of doing themed reading challenges next year. I think it’ll be fun. I wanted to do that this year, but I didn’t take the time to figure out how I actually wanted to do it. I watched these videos over the weekend of someone picking their TBR out of a jar. Basically, she would have something like, “a blue book” or “a book on someone else’s TBR” and use those prompts to help her narrow down which books she wants to read each month. I don’t want to do that with each book, but I think I’m going to take a cue from her and put themes in a jar and pick one out each month.

I only have 7 right now, though, so I think the other five themes are just going to be “whatever” or “rollover” months, because I don’t want this to be too structured, because then it wouldn’t be fun anymore. And I also need room for the books I didn’t get to or didn’t finish to roll over into another month. And it’ll also build dry spells into the year, because that’s going to happen.

Some people are mood readers, but since so many of my books are in the same genre, I rarely run into a book I’m not in the mood for. And usually, once I know what I’m getting into, I can usually pick that book up later in the year without a problem. So, I don’t think I’ll run into much of a problem with themed months, but we’ll see. ^_^

The first theme I’m thinking about is Anything But Fantasy/Paranormal. I have the odd contemporary book on my TBR, but this would also include historical, poetry, and science fiction.

Theme Two: Finish A Series/Duology. I don’t know if I could finish a longer series, I also don’t have that many to choose from, but I do have some unfinished series with only two books left, and an unfinished duology, so I thought I would be fun to see if I could wrap a couple of things up one month.

Theme Three: A Book That’s Been On My Shelf Forever. I’m thinking at least 3+ years. I have so many books that I’ve been meaning to get to, but they keep get buried under newer additions to the TBR, so I want to have a month dedicated to only reading books that have been on my shelves for years.

Theme Four: Binge An Entire Series. I have one unread duology and one unread trilogy, so I thought it might be fun to see if I can read an entire series in one month. I’m not big on reading series, which I’m sure I’ve mentioned. Usually I read book one and it’s years before I get to the next book or I never get to the next book. I’ve heard great things about the trilogy, and I don’t want it to take years for me to finish it, so I have that earmarked for this theme, but I’ll try to get the duology started as well.

Theme Five: Only Priority Books. Every year I make a list of 7 to 15 books that I want to get to, and every year I read two of these books by accident if I’m lucky. This year I’ve read four out of thirteen, which is honestly great, so I want to have a month dedicated next year to reading some of these books that keep getting buried by the new additions to the “to read” list.

Theme Six: Novellas & Anthologies. I thought this would be fun. I have some anthologies that keep getting overlooked, so I thought having a themed month for this would help me prioritize some of them. And I thought I’d throw novellas into the theme since I have some I’d really love to get to.

Theme Seven: Rereads. I have a small pile of books I want to reread. Like a lot of the cases on this list, these are books I keep meaning to reread, but like everything else, they get buried under everything else, so I want to prioritize  them one or two months.

So, those are some thoughts that I’m having. I want to start in December, I think. I might start next month. I think it’ll help me pick out books to read, because sometimes I have decision paralysis.

I thought about having an ebook and audiobook only theme, but I wasn’t excited about that. Lol!


  • Jodi

    Fun categories! Though I really loved “a blue book” and am sad you didn’t have at least one theme involving a color. 😂

    Spring of Crows is at 86%, so maybe that will be the book to fulfill Theme Two. (Hey, I can dream.)

  • Thea Landen

    I like your categories! Though I don’t think I could ever binge an entire series in a month…unless it was really short.

    I need to make a good “anything but” list for myself, because the vast majority of the time when I want something to read, I either go for a mystery/thriller or a romance. I like other genres! I just kind of forget they exist when considering what book to read.

  • Michelle Athy

    Cute! I don’t think it would work for me–I’m totally a mood reader. As in, I have a few contemporary romances on my Kindle and am not in the mood to read them in these plague times. I’m reading a YA fantasy historical and it’s going pretty well. I’m almost done–it’s a library ebook, so I have a deadline!

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