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Random Life: Bookish Chat

Hi! Welcome. I’m going to be a little random today. ^_^

I’m still working on getting some miscellaneous things organized, but my office is almost done, what I’m calling the art room is almost done, and I have a pile of random stuff in the kitchen and one more picture to hang, that I need a frame for, and then I’ll be done! I cannot wait. I’m used to having clutter on my dining table, so it isn’t really bothering me, but I still want to clear it off.

For some reason I really want September to be over. I just feel like it’s lasting forever. Am I the only one who feels like certain months drag?

I decided that I needed another bookish channel to watch. Something that I liked the vibe of AND liked the books they talked about. I wanted another channel for book recommendations, because the main two bookish channels I watch don’t really talk about the kind of books I want to read, though I like their content in general. I added three channels. We’ll see how it goes. One of them is a little perky, but I kept watching her videos, so I guess I didn’t mind too much.

I’m feeling really good about one of my most recent buys Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. It’s adult horror, and I’m hearing it’s quite scary and atmospheric! I can’t remember the last time I read a book and it actually scared me, but I also tend to avoid books that I think might actually keep me up at night, so…we’ll see. I picked it up because I was buying the 25th Anniversary Edition of Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman, and usually when I’m book shopping, I ask myself if there’s anything else I want while I’m out, and when I looked on Goodreads for similar books, I saw Mexican Gothic, which I’d added to the TBR back in June when it came out.

I also found the most ridiculous book I’ve ever seen, My Boyfriend is a Bear, a graphic novel by Pamela Ribon. Amazon recommended it after I bought a New Mutants graphic novel called The Demon Bear Saga – it’s like we’re friends – and the reviews all talked about how adorable it is – soo the opposite of New Mutants. The girl’s boyfriend is a literal bear, and I couldn’t help myself.

It’s one of the reasons I want October here. I want to add some of these books to my October TBR! I already have books I’m reading, and I’m trying to stay focused, so I don’t want to start anymore books until I finish a couple more from my September TBR that I’m really on board for. I don’t think it’s good for my focus to be reading 5 books at once. I keep having to stop myself from trying to read two ebooks at once. I feel like the max should be three if I’m listening to an audiobook. One in each format? 😀

Before I go, I have to show you guys this picture of my art room.

It’s cropped because I still had random stuff on the couch under the banners. There are two swords in there as well against the other wall. The other two are in my office. I was going to hang my Gryffindor sword on the end, but there’s an end table under it, and I like to take my swords down sometimes. ^_^ That axe is super sharp and I never touch it, so I thought it would be better up there.

I’ve been trying to listen to the Wuthering Heights audiobook, because Amazon will let me borrow it for free, but I’m struggling so much to follow the story. I’m only a couple of chapters in, so maybe it’ll get better?

Anyways, I just wanted to chat a little bit today. ^_^ Tell me what you’re up to.


  • A.S. Akkalon

    I wish I had swords and an axe! And your banners are so pretty!

    I’m editing, trying not to stress about work, and forgetting I’m supposed to finish a beta read by the end of the month. How do months go so quickly? Are you stealing my days?

  • tdrecker

    Ooo! I love that flag display. It must be so fun decorating like that. My Boyfriend is a Bear sounds…well, interesting. I’m looking forward to hearing you thoughts on that one 😉 Life has turned into a mumble-jumble mess on my front. I feel like it’s running over me, and I don’t have any control anymore. I have been writing a little every now and then again, and really need to catch up on that front. As for reads…I have several darker ones on my list for the upcoming weeks, which I’m really looking forward to. Nothing too scary (I hope cause I’m a chicken), but there should be a couple good ones in there. Have fun!

    • Krystal Jane

      I’ll be watching your Goodreads for those books! I have a couple of darker books for next month, and I’ll also be reading the Bear book. 😀 I hope things settle soon on the life front!

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