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Random Life: Books & Unpacking


There’s going to be a reading update next month! I’m hoping to finish one more book by month’s end. I don’t think that’s going to happen, but I’m excited to be reading with some consistency again. 😀

Especially since I’m not sure I can keep to my book spending goal. Like, I was trying to not buy too much more than 26 books this year, but it’s July, and I’m at 25. Technically, I’m over that, but I’m not counting some of them since I was buying them more for decoration, even though I’m totally planning on reading them as well. Lol!

This goal is mostly to help me keep my book spending in line, because it was out of control last year. I did get a library book this month, but I was also planning on buying it if I liked it because it’s super pretty. It’s high fantasy. I have to test those out first.

In moving news, we did close on Thursday, so I’m all moved in as of Saturday and slowly getting all the boxes emptied. I slept there Friday on an air mattress, and again on Saturday because the movers lost some of the parts to get my bed back together. They also broke a cabinet, lost some other screws, messed up some other stuff, but luckily, my parents are very handy and were already planning to come up on Sunday, so between them and my brother-in-law, everything is fine. Not perfect, but I don’t mind a few “character” flaws. I do want a robot butler to unpack for me though.

It’s 2020. Where are all the robots?!

For the record, I was not this chill on Saturday. There was a ridiculous amount of drama. The first  moving crew literally quit in the middle of loading the truck because they didn’t want to get blamed for the broken stuff. Then the backup crew didn’t know until they were en route that they didn’t have all of my stuff, so they unloaded what they had, and then went back for the rest. So what should have been over by 4:00, went on until nearly 9:00. But once my bed was coming together, I let it go, because I could see that nothing expensive was beyond repair. The only things I had to replace was a broken wall of glass in the cabinet, the back of a bookshelf, some shelf-holder thingies for another bookshelf, and a shoe rack. Everything else could be patched or lived with.

My goal is to get rid of all the boxes by the weekend so I can find the nails that were not packed with the tools, so I can get my decor up next week and be done, except for the office. Which is a very reasonable goal. Last time I moved, I was 100% box-free by the next morning. Of course, I got no sleep. So I decided to actually sleep this time. I also think I have more stuff. I definitely have more books. But I definitely have less clothes and shoes.

I did find some bookshelves that I love! ^_^ Unfortunately, I have no idea when they’ll be available to ship, but I should know if I can get them by the end of the week. They won’t cover the entire wall, but they’ll cover 95% of it.

Now, back to unpacking.


  • Jodi Perkins (@Perkjo)

    I can’t believe the movers did so much damage. I know you’re brushing it off as minor (which is a good attitude to have), but man…we moved ourselves up a topsy-turvy mountain with nothing but family helping, and not one item broke. It’s crazy to me that professionals would be that careless.

    I can’t wait to see pics of your new place once you’re all settled! Oh, and 25 books a year sounds dreamy. I buy like 3 to 4 a year, since I read almost everything on my kindle. I splurged this morning though and bought a bunch of dystopian classics (1984, Animal Farm, Brave New World, and Fahrenheit 451) because I’ve been in *that* kind of mood. Sadly I have nowhere for books (other than in my classroom), so I’m thinking about getting some shelving for my she-shed because I’ve been itching for more hard copies. If I took some paintings down I could theoretically free up a good ten foot wall. The bookshelves you’re eyeing sound amazing. Hope they’re available to ship soon!

    • Krystal Jane

      I know right? I had family helping last time and only a lamp shade broke.

      I’ve been dreaming about a wall of books for years! It’ll probably be awhile before it’s all filled up, but if all that space triggers a book buying spree, that’s okay, too. 😊 I’m trying to get more audiobooks. I have a slightly longer commute, and it’ll be a good way to get more “reading” in. I do go through phases where I read a ton on my phone, but I’ve been in a physical book mood lately.

  • Thea Landen

    Congrats again on the new house! It sucks that the movers were terrible, but hopefully, it’ll just be a distant memory a year from now while you’re enjoying your new place.

    I’ve been trying to rely on library books more often. I went to load up my Kindle before leaving for last week’s trip, and after I checked out one book, Amazon helpfully told me that my husband had already bought it at one point and it was in our shared library. Whoops! I’m too anxious to deal with holds, but luckily, it looks like quite a few of the books on my to-read list are available for when we pop back up to the Cape again next week, yay!

    • Krystal Jane

      Thank you! It helps a lot that I didn’t have a bunch boxes filled with broken glass.

      My sister is reading a book that she could only keep for a week because the hold list is super long. I’ve had books I couldn’t renew, but I haven’t run into that yet. Enjoy your trip! There’s something extra relaxing about reading on vacation. ^_^

  • Tonja Drecker

    Wow. I’m amazed the movers damaged so much! We’ve moved so many times and, at the most, had a scratch on the side of a cabinet. My husband would freak if it were him. But I’m glad to hear things are rolling along and that you’re in your new home now.

    As to library books, I do have one at the moment but don’t get them too often just because there’s always so much I see in my internet circles that I want to read. Happy reading and can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

    • Krystal Jane

      Every time I move the bedside lamp breaks in some way. This time I planned to keep all the lamps with me, but they still managed to break the top off the bedside table lamp before I could get it in my car. (insert shrug) I have a prettier one now, so I’m not mad, but I am convinced the bedside table lamp has a Defense Against the Dark Arts curse on it.

      There’s so many great books out there! One came out yesterday that I snatched up immediately. It’s right up my alley. ^_^

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