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Hotel Life & Shopping For Stuff

So, I’ve been in hotels for two and a half weeks now. I say hotels because the first one was driving me kind of batty. I wasn’t trying to be a pampered diva, but between it being right in front of the interstate, the internet not working most of the time, and the super loud noises coming from the air conditioner, pipes, and refrigerator (like a persistent LOUD buzzing that lasted for hours at a time), I was feeling pretty stressed.

On top of that, the bed wasn’t comfortable, and most nights, in the middle of the night, people would be out in the hallway fighting. And also, it wasn’t all that clean. The carpet was dirty (debris on the floor) and there was hair and grime in the bathroom, and grime on the kitchenette. After 10 nights, I was starting to feel crazy, so I left the next morning.

And on zero sleep, I went appliance and furniture shopping. I didn’t need much, but I wanted to go early in case deliveries were backed up, and they were. The earliest on the furniture was 10 days, and the earliest on the refrigerator was two weeks, so I’m glad that’s set up and done.

Since my last update, all the flooring is in the house, the electrical and lights are up and finished, and it looks like they’re very close to being done. 🙂

But back to the hotel. Haha. Place #2 is much better! It’s comfortable and spacious and relatively quiet. The internet stays on, and there’s a toaster in my room! I don’t want to stay here forever, but I’m not super stressed anymore. 🙂

I did look at an option between places #1 and #2, but it wasn’t much better than the first hotel, so I was thankful for their policy of letting you check out the room before signing anything.

Back to shopping. I went to Lowe’s, and the first appliance I picked out was a washing machine. My old one was from the 70s and had a broken agitator and flooded occasionally. This was easy to pick out. There were only two real options since I just wanted a basic one that matched my dryer.

Then I needed a refrigerator. I was originally planning to get the one that matched my other appliances, but they couldn’t get that in until the fall. Since I was interested in a side-by-side “counter-depth” fridge, he showed me the two in-stock options. One was too shiny and would hence clash with the other appliances. The other cost more than I wanted to spend, so I abandoned counter-depth fridges and went back to square one.

I’m so much fun to shop with. 😛

I ended up going with a Samsung fridge, because it had the shelving I liked. That’s it. Lol! I spent 20 minutes fussing over shelving. I really wanted clear shelves in the freezer! If I’m spending that much money, I’m getting what I want. 😉 In my defense, I’ve never bought anything other than a dryer before. That said, it would have been easy if they had what I originally planned on going with, but it was so much fun, and I like what I bought better.

And it was 7 in the morning.

I did take a nap after switching hotels so I’d have some energy for Rooms To Go, where I bought a sectional, a dresser to use as storage, and tables (end tables and a cocktail/coffee table). I went window shopping the week before, so I already knew what I wanted. It still took forever because the check out process is long and the store is so big. It took a while to re-find what I wanted, and then I had never settled on a dresser because I hadn’t measured the closet it was going in yet, so with measurements in hand, I had to look at everything again. Plus, I hadn’t picked out end tables yet, so that was a couple of round trips around the store looking at everything twice and then trying to remember where everything was again.

But it was also really fun. ^_^ I really like shopping.

The library/office won’t be coming together as soon I’d like, but I cannot wait. ^_^


  • Thea Landen

    We had refrigerator issues, too, when we were redoing our kitchen a couple years ago, but it ultimately all worked out for the best. YES! to the clear shelves!

    I’d be stressed out with the hotels, though just about anything is manageable with a good internet connection. I hope you can move into your new place sooner rather than later!

  • Jodi Perkins (@Perkjo)

    Living in a hotel seems like it would be so surreal. I think I’d enjoy the lack of clutter and daily chores/responsibilities. It’d be so cool to have someone else keeping things clean and delivering fresh towels every day. On the other hand I’d probably feel all displaced and out of sorts, and probably ready for a real meal. 😂

    Your shopping trip sounds like so much fun! All of my latest furniture was purchased online, and I do feel like I’m starting to miss that experience of looking at everything (and trying it out) in person.

    Now I’m in the mood to go to Ikea and eat some meatballs and lingonberries.

    • Krystal Jane

      There has been a LOT of eating out. Lol! It was nice to have so little housekeeping to do at first, but I’m rather bored now. Lol!

      My favorite thing about going in person is getting to feel the fabric. The couch I picked is so soft! I could immediately picture myself taking a nap on it. ^_^

  • Tonja Drecker

    Yay to moving to a ‘nicer’ hotel. Noise and grime drives me crazy. And I get the getting-what-you-want. I mean, it’s hard earned money. You have a right to be picky. Glad everythings moving along 🙂

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