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More Adventures In House Hunting

We close on the townhouse tomorrow. I’m currently typing this in a hotel room, my temporary housing, and there are updates! As of Monday, I have a paved driveway, cabinets, vinyl flooring in the laundry room and bathrooms, and beautiful, beautiful paint! See pictures!! I’m so in love with the aqua. 😀 It’s called Serendipity. ^_^ The gray color is called Elemental.

Look at how the aqua pops from the living room! The left picture is the Library/Office, and my bedroom is also that color. Right picture is the living room.

I went to the paint store already knowing what I wanted, so the goal was to find the closest colors to what I was seeing in my head. I was happy to get to pick the paint, because I like color and I didn’t want to DIY it again, because it takes way longer than you might think, and we got paint all over the ceiling. It makes for a nice memory, but I’m also happy not having paint on the ceiling.

My agent took these on Monday, and I really needed the pick me up after not getting enough sleep day one in my hotel. It’s right next to the interstate, and it’s so loud. Like, SO loud. That’s not why I slept poorly though. Moving Day (move #1) was long, and I was tired because I didn’t get enough sleep the night before trying to finish packing, and it was a long week spent packing already, and I wasn’t home anymore, and the internet wouldn’t stay connected (and still won’t), and I just had a moment, but I’m sleeping better now, and I have pictures of my house, so I can start shopping for a new couch soon and start planning the library, and I cannot wait!

These pictures are the first time I’m actually seeing the inside of the house. Like I mentioned in my last house-related post, I did look at a house with the same floor plan, the only difference is mine is flipped, so it’s still great to see what it looks like. It helps with my floor planning, because like most hyper-organized people, I already know where I want most of everything to go. Not the pictures and random decor, but all the large stuff, things that would be super difficult to move myself. I like to be prepared. I feel like it makes moving day easier.

Anyway, I finally have some time to really relax! I feel like I’ve been on edge in some capacity since that first meeting with my agent a month ago. I’ve been packing and decluttering and stressing over random stuff ever since. And while I’ve been excited, too, I’ve also been needing something to be done. Packing isn’t THAT bad, but it’s a lot of work, especially since I was needing to finish decluttering as well, and also since I had to make decisions on what would be dragged to the hotel with me.

There was so much trash, you guys. Why did no one tell me this would happen if I never threw anything away?! I actually asked my dad and brother to help me one day since they were already over there hauling some bookshelves and random stuff away for me like gems! And I gave away so much stuff, as well. Plus, I had to throw out another pair of shoes because they were busted, so now I’m down to four. I think that gives me permission to buy a pair. One pair. ^_^

In any case, I can finally relax enough to read! Something I haven’t seemed to be able to do since March. I borrowed The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes – The Hunger Games prequel – from my sister, and then yesterday, the library informed me that they ordered this book I wanted to read and it was ready for pick up! Plus, two graphic novels came out this month that I really want to read, so I have a beautiful stack of books on a shelf in my hotel room. It helps to have something beautiful to look at every day. 🙂


  • Jodi Perkins (@Perkjo)

    That ‘serendipity’ color is gorgeous! How are you so good at picking out colors? I love aqua and I tried to buy this shade for my laundry room, and it ended up coming out sea-foam green. It works for a laundry room (especially since it has white subway tile to set it off) but it’s not at all the airy, beautiful color I was going for.

    So does closing tomorrow mean you actually get to move in, or is there still more work that must be finished on the house? Either way the townhouse looks amazing from what little I can see in the pics. You must be besides yourself with excitement over getting a library!

    Best wishes for your upcoming move!

    • Krystal Jane

      Sea foam green sounds so pretty!

      The buyers of the townhouse are doing the final walkthrough today and we close on that tomorrow. I moved out a few days early because it was easier with my work schedule. I don’t close on the new house until mid-July.

      I’m very excited about the library and getting to come up with an organizational system for it. Design research has been fun. I saw a set up with a ladder that had old fairytale library vibes. ^_^

    • Krystal Jane

      I know right?! I did get to pick the flooring out. I’m excited to see what it looks like in the house.

      I haven’t looked on Pinterest yet. I didn’t even think about that! So far I’ve only looked on one home improvement site. Definitely going to check out some more.

  • Kristy A.

    The aqua is so so pretty! White or gray shelves would look really good against those walls. When do you get to see it in person? How did closing go? I’m so excited for you! 😀 I love the gray and high ceilings as well.

    • Krystal Jane

      Right?! I love the colors so much. White or gray or something on that spectrum would be awesome for the library! Closing went well, not so much paperwork on the selling end, and we stopped by the house afterward. It’s so cute! And it looks like they’re about ready to put the main flooring in. ^_^

  • Thea Landen

    Ooh, I do love that aqua! My bedroom is more of a sky blue, and even though blue isn’t my favorite color, I do find it relaxing and easy to work with.

    I still need to pick up the Hunger Games prequel. We’re venturing up to our house on Cape Cod in another few weeks, so maybe I’ll treat myself to something to read on the beach. (Because I sure as hell haven’t been reading much during this lockdown anyway with everything going on.)

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