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Adventures In House Hunting

I didn’t post last week because I was a stress ball, but I have updates!! 😀

First, I’m moving out in less than two weeks, and I’m going to be displaced for a few weeks after, but I’ve already made arrangements, so while there is still stress, there’s not as much as there was.

Second, I made an offer the day after my last post. I saw a total of nine houses over 3 days. I probably wouldn’t have looked at so many if I knew exactly what I wanted, but I wasn’t settled on anything. For example, I had a few things I considered deal breakers, but I still looked at houses that had deal breakers anyway, just in case it was better in person, and sometimes it was.

However, sometimes houses are misrepresented in photographs, and you get inside (or to the outside), and you never would have gone and looked at the house had you known!

Case in point, the first house I looked at was WAY too close to the other houses, which made the neighborhood kind of cluttered due to everyone having multiple vehicles but only one space to squeeze them in. The second house I looked at wasn’t too close to the neighbors, but it didn’t have the kitchen space I wanted. I almost put an offer on this house, but I really didn’t want to compromise on countertop space again.

I absolutely LOVED the neighborhood for houses #3 and #5. It reminded me of the neighborhood I grew up in. The houses were spacious, but they both needed a little bit of work and had steep decks in the back, and I do NOT like wooden decks. I know some people do, but I’m not a deck person.

House #4 was a new build in a new neighborhood, so new I couldn’t even walk around inside because there was no way to get in. My agent did get me a copy of the floor plan, though, and between that and the listed room dimensions, it looked like it would work.

There were other new builds in a different neighborhood down the street from me that I was originally pretty pumped about, but I just missed the last round of houses, and the next batch aren’t scheduled to be completed until fall.

Houses #6 and #7 were where I started to narrow things down. They were both cute, but #6 was super misrepresented. It wasn’t as big as you would think from the square footage as most of the space is in a bonus room over the garage, which made most of the other rooms kind of awkwardly small. Also, the cabinets were in bad shape, and it was quite dirty, which means more work for me before I can move in. There was also a deck, but I actually almost liked the deck.

On the flip side, #7 was move in ready, and I really liked it except for the deck (again) and the weird stains under all the sinks. Also that place had a fireplace, and if I don’t like decks, then you probably already know I don’t like fireplaces, but it was probably #3 on my list thus far.

It just so happened that House #8 had the same layout as the new build that isn’t finished. It was the same general distance from work, cute exterior, flat yard. It needed new carpet in the bedrooms, and they were already offering an allowance that would pay for half of the replacement cost. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only thing I wanted to replace, but it was still at the top of my list.

House #9 was cute. The yard was nice but large and had a lot going on and backed up to a likely banshee-filled woods. At this point, however, I was already leaning towards #8 and #4 and this place had a small kitchen and other things I didn’t love.

I went back and forth for nearly three hours on which house to put an offer on: #4 or #8. New versus existing. But once I ran the numbers, the differences in price were too negligible. So, I went with the new build, and fingers crossed, I can actually move in when they say (July 15th). I got to pick out the interior paint, cabinets and countertops, stove, microwave, and dishwasher, and all the flooring and light fixtures, and it was pretty fun. 😀

In any case, things are moving along. I have movers set up to move me out, store my crap, and move it into the new place, and I’ve made arrangements to have the items I’m not keeping hauled away.

It’s going to be a weird next month, but I’m excited.


  • Michelle Athy

    This post sounds like a real life version of HGTV! Can’t wait to hear about all the interior bits you chose and hope everything goes smoothly in finishing the house and moving in.

  • Jodi Perkins (@Perkjo)

    So cool that you’ll be the very first person to ever live in this house, and that you get to choose all the finishings. This house truly sounds like best case scenario. I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait to see pics of your new place once it’s finished!

  • Tonja Drecker

    Ooo…how exciting! And interesting. and stressful. But it sounds like you made good choices. Hope it all works out and you’re snuggled into your new home soon!

  • Thea Landen

    Yay, congrats!

    We were torn between two houses for a while, which is a loooooong story I won’t get into right now, but we’ve never regretted our ultimate decision. That said, the whole thing was super stressful, and we keep half-joking that we’re going to be like the previous owners and die in this house so we never have to deal with it ever again. I know some people who seem to move every few years mostly because they get bored, and while I’m sure it cuts down on clutter, I get antsy just thinking about that!

    • Krystal Jane

      Yes! Right? I watched a bunched of House Hunters in April, and the only people who talked about how stressful it is were the people living with their parents. I’m actually looking forward to living in a hotel for a month because it means I get a break from going through my crap.

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