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So…I’m moving. I’m currently in a townhouse, and the plan is to move into a house with a manageable yard, even though I have zero intention to mow anything myself.

In some ways, this was kind of a rash decision. I didn’t plan to move this year. When I started decluttering my house last month, it was specifically because I thought it would be at least another year before I moved, and I didn’t want to wait until then to start getting rid of stuff. But I have been wanting to move for two years, so actually, this was a totally un-rash decision. ^_^

I’m not exactly sure what part of town I want to live in, but I’m not trying to live out in the woods. Like did you know there’s a bird or frog or something that sounds just like a demon woman in the forest screaming for your soul? It’s horrible.

I’m looking for a happy medium between sharing walls with people and living in a banshee haunted wood.

I do live close to a highway, and there is quite a bit of noise from that, but that doesn’t bother me, though if I have a choice, I’d like to live a tiny bit away from one.

I’d also like to not have an HOA anymore. My current HOA has almost doubled since I moved in. It’s a nice neighborhood, but it’s not that nice. There are other nicer or just as nice neighborhoods with much lower HOA fees and more features, like pools or trails. It’s not sending me to the poor house, but I do think it’s too high.

I’d also like a bit more space. Space isn’t an issue, but since I’m moving, let’s get more space where it counts. Like, the current master bedroom is big, almost too big, but the bathroom is super small. The kitchen is big, but I would like a tiny bit more cabinet space. None of these things are deal breakers, and I wouldn’t move simply to get more cabinet space, but it’s something to keep in mind for the next place.

My neighbors haven’t been terrible. They don’t park in front of my door or let their guests park in front of my door, at least not during hours I’m typically home. There aren’t a lot of parties, though I did get to listen to some peeps play beer pong for a few hours out on their patio a couple of weeks ago, and that was fun.

There is a parking situation in general though. Right now, there are literally three bum vehicles in front of my building, and two of them belong to the same guy. Like, this is not a junk yard. One of them is literally on stilts or whatever. The car is off the ground and has been for weeks! And it’s huge, and it’s hard to back out, because I can’t see, but he’s nice, so it’s hard to hate him, you know.

Ideally, I’d live in a quiet high-rise condo. One of those super modern ones you see in movies that belong to the glitzy fashion magazine editor. But condos are in short supply in the suburbs. Not to mention, most of the ones we do have don’t fit my dream condo scenario. We had a penthouse for sale once. I was half in love with it. It was only a million dollars.

So, I spent six long days, two of them very stressful, decluttering and partially packing so there’s not crap everywhere. I took my goth fairy off the wall. My sister says it’s creepy. I also took the daggers down, but I did leave the swords up. ^_^

In any case, I have a closet full of stuff to be picked up by a donation truck (pickups start back on the 1st), and the same closet is full of stuff going to the new place. I do have stuff in the patio shed to be donated, as well, but I only put larger things like chairs and a bookshelf out there.

The townhouse went for sale around midday on Monday, and it was officially under contract less than 9 hours later. Yeah, the housing market is crazy where I live. I didn’t think it would be up long, but I did think it would be up longer than a day.

We looked at a few houses yesterday. Last time I went house hunting, I didn’t look at a single house, so I was excited. Now I feel kind of overwhelmed, but also calmer at the same time since the house hunt has officially started. There are plenty of options, but I’m also not entirely sure what I want except a room to turn into an an office/library. 🙂


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