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You guys!!

Before I say anything, there was an actual rooster having a field day outside of my building on Sunday. He was sooo cute. 😀

Next, this month isn’t going so well goals wise, and I know I should be nice to myself and not beat myself up, and I’m trying not to. I’m just a little agitated over my inability to focus and be productive. But like, honestly, it’s okay if I feel off. And I’ll keep telling myself that until it sinks in. 🙂

The main thing that has me feeling off, though, is that I decided to replace my desktop (iMac) with a laptop (Macbook Air), and of course, shipping times have been a little slow. With better planning (or a crystal ball), I could have done something differently, and maybe my files wouldn’t have been homeless all month thus far, literally since the 1st, but the laptop should be here Friday, and I did choose to go without the iMac in the interim, so I did this to myself. I just wish I hadn’t. Ha.

Because I live on my computer, I don’t know what to do with my time. I don’t know what to do each day. The first couple of weeks, I was okay. It was even good for me. A little detox from being on the computer ALL the time. I started some French lessons on Duolingo. I watched some movies, some ice skating, some rhythmic gymnastics. I did some reading, and I’m enjoying that book SO MUCH! (Vampire Academy :P) But I haven’t wanted to do anything, because my normal schedule is super off. (Hahaha) So I’m reading barely more than a chapter a day. Which is fine. I’m an entire month ahead of schedule on my reading goal still, and I’ll definitely finish something this month, maybe a couple of things.

But now that it’s been a few weeks, I feel like the break should be long over, and I should be getting something done. I JUST WANT TO FEEL NORMAL! What’s wrong with that? 🙂

On the plus side, I’m actually using my television, which is great, because it’s really nice. Haha.

And on a random note, there have been LOTS of people on the golf course. One or two feet apart. Basically making out.

Anyway, I’m trying to use my iPad to do things, and…it’s fine. 🙂 But I wanted to talk about this computer thing, because I thought it might help me feel calmer. ^_^

I live in a relatively nice part of town, so when the power goes out, it comes back on super quick. If the internet tower goes down. They fix it quick. Benefit of living close to rich people. Who are off work and golfing and making out. 😉 But sometimes when the lights pop off and I’m on the computer, the computer also goes off, and I might be typing and lose something! Literally happened a few months ago.

Also, sometimes I’m tired, but I’m watching a video, and I want to finish it before going to bed, and sometimes I will use my iPad for that, but I’d rather be on the computer, because I’m addicted, and yes, I know, suburban problems, but it would nice to have a computer that stays on when the power goes off.

So, I didn’t get a laptop 4 years ago, when I last upgraded to get more storage, because I either couldn’t afford a hard drive that big on a laptop four years ago or it didn’t exist. I don’t remember. But lucky me! Prices have gone down since then AND it does exist, and my tax refund wasn’t spent yet, so I decided to buy a shiny new computer!!

I’m getting a snooty golden one, because I want it, and I’ve wanted a golden laptop for 2 years! I had a bronze one 7 years ago, and she was beautiful…and heavy. And she had a fingerprint reader! ^_^ And I took her to bed with me. 🙂 I miss that. Lol!

Hopefully the next post will be drafted on the shiny new computer. In the meantime, I will be playing Sims to distract myself. I have watched SO many deleted scenes of The Office on YouTube that I literally ran out of clips that I haven’t seen. The channel uploaded more though so… >.<


  • Jodi Perkins (@Perkjo)

    Your new laptop sounds so lovely and shiny (and golden)! You have to post a pic of it for your next post.

    Rich people making out on golf courses…I’m a little jealous and I don’t even play golf. 😆Do you live in an apartment building, or maybe it’s more like a townhouse/condo?

    I love that rooster so much. He’s adorable in every way.

    • Krystal Jane

      He almost makes me want a chicken. 😀

      I live in a townhouse. I almost thought it was a kid making rooster noises, but then my neighbors were outside my window taking pictures. Lol!

      Will definitely post a picture of the laptop. A lot of people are saying it’s a rose gold, and I’m very excited. ^_^

  • Michelle Athy

    What a cute rooster! We have this bird who has a funny sort of call and I’m determined to spot it before quarantine is over.

    I, too, am an unfocused mess lately. I knew I wouldn’t have time or brain space to really write anything until the summer, because of school. And online classes are actually more work than normal classes because I have to do it all myself and being that there’s a damn pandemic going on, focus is….precarious.

    I’m writing a fanfic that I’m sharing with my best friends and that’s about all I have room in my brain for as far as writing goes.

    I have a MacBook Air, though it’s about nearly four years old now. It’s lasting! I hope your new computer will be awesome.

    • Krystal Jane

      I hope you find the bird! I catch sight of something really interesting in the trees at work sometimes. Some animals make very unique sounds.

      Focus is in short supply right now for sure! I have a strong urge to write something really fun. I cannot wait. 😀

      Yay! Computer twins. ^_^ I hope it sticks around for awhile.

  • Thea Landen

    As far as I’m concerned, all goals can go out the window at this time. Basic functioning is a perfectly acceptable standard right now.

    We’ve been pretty lucky with power and internet, aside from during a few thunderstorms. Streaming services can be a little slow at times, but nothing too severe. On the animal front, there have been a lot of foxes popping up around here!

    I started Fire Emblem: Three Houses on the Switch earlier this week, and I’m impressed at how it’s managing to be the perfect way to pass time and get my mind off things. I save the important stuff for when the kids are in bed, but since it’s on the Switch, sometimes I can sneak it out and do some of the more basic parts during the day. Definitely better and more engrossing than the last game I played! (With SO MANY CHARACTERS. SO, SO MANY.)

    • Krystal Jane

      Omg, I would so love to see a fox and not just its tail! I’ve started decluttering the house for fun. ^_^ Fire Emblem looks good. I’ve resisted the urge to try animal crossing, but I’d like to use the Switch for something other than Mario Kart, at least once and awhile. Lol!

  • Tonja Drecker

    What a cute rooster! He’s probably enjoying his day out.

    I blew up the idea of having any sort of scheduled life long ago, and the last weeks, daily life has become the biggest spaghetti knotted mess imaginable. I’m not sure if it’s this stay-at-home stuff or Spring on the farm. Writing basically doesn’t exist anymore, reading is a chore, and social media…pffff…what is that? And yet, here I am on the computer quite a bit each day. Maybe, it’s having the kids at home and, therefore, my large block of ‘school hours alone’ is gone and all hope of concentration with it.

    Yay to the new computer! May it be everything you hope and need.

    • Krystal Jane

      Spaghetti knotted mess – 😀

      Farm life is already so busy in the spring. I can’t imagine. The good thing about being off schedule for me is that I’ve been able to reorganize some things and like really hear my thoughts. It’s quite a mess up there. A giant spaghetti knitted mess. 🙂

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