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After many months of putting it off, I finally changed the blog! Nothing dramatic, of course, obviously, I don’t like change. I tried to do something dramatic a couple of years ago, but it was too complicated, and it didn’t even fit my personality or anything.

In my wildest website fantasies there’s an explosion of vines everywhere, but that would require someone who can actually build a website – i.e. not me – and this is a DIY project, so…no vines. Obviously I could have 2-D vines, and I tried to get that effect last time, but in fantasy land, the vines sway when you scroll. I know right?

I only intended to change from a hard-to-use, but highly customizable, third-party template to a user-friendly, but still very customizable, WordPress theme. But due to a few irritating issues that I’ve had to deal with on my site for reasons unknown, though I have theories, I decided to change hosting providers, as well. There was a bit of drama with the hosting provider I switched to initially, so I moved again and now everything is great.

Outside of a new template – which is super easy and lovely and didn’t even take me that long to find 😀 – there’s a new background, subject to change at anytime, and a new header, also subject to change. I could have used my old stuff, but I wanted something different! I’ve been looking at the same background and header for forever! Like most of the blog’s life. Since I was going to have to redo the aesthetics anyway, I might as well do something different.

Other changes: In lieu of 13+ side widgets, I now have 3 footer widgets, and I might add a fourth later, I dunno. I removed around half of my side widgets a few weeks ago, and I’m sure not a single person noticed because there’s been so much stuff over there for years. I just got tired of it. It’ll be easier for me to get the site looking how I want if they’re not there, and on the mobile site, everything was piled in the footer and couldn’t be seen anyway.

I might change up the blue tones at some point, but I really dig it, so we’ll see. ^_^

There was a bit of migration drama in the photo department, but it forced me to give the about page a tiny makeover, and it turned out really good! Also, also, I changed the tagline. I’ve made minor changes before, but I’ve been wanting to change it up completely for a couple of years. My old template gave me grief whenever I tried to change the header, so I decided to just wait until I got rid of that, but I wanted something that encompasses my writing and general aesthetic without putting myself in a box, because I don’t like being in a box. Everything I write is dark, so I’m going with that for now. It gives me a bit more space to move around than a paranormal label does.

I liked my old header, but it’s okay to change sometimes. Lol! I put a side by side comparison below. The new header is less busy, you know. More classy? Someone who drinks brandy, I think. ^_^ I might do something different later, but I likes it. 🙂


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