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Getting My TBR Under Control

The Goodreads TBR is not a reflection of all the books on my TBR. It’s only a reflection of books on my TBR that I don’t own. I figured, if I own the book, I should remember to read it. That helped with a fraction of the list.

As of writing this, my Goodreads TBR is 174, down from 479.

Like, can a girl get a high five or something?! 😀

After deleting all the books I own on a physical or digital shelf, except one, for nonsense reasons, I opened nearly every single other book and skimmed the blurb. Yes, this took days, but like I said in my last post about my TBR problems, this is fun for me. ^_^

For one thing, some of those books didn’t exist anymore, mostly the box sets. For another, I tried to be honest about what I was actually likely to read. I was going to focus more on certain genres and categories, since I admittedly have a strong preference for paranormal and darker contemporary fantasy, but I ended up treating most of the books the same. As in, I only kept them on the list if I couldn’t stand to remove them for whatever logical or illogical reason, no matter the genre.

While I read few thrillers and mysteries, I do tend to really enjoy them when I do, so I didn’t want to remove anything just because it was contemporary, for example, because I do occasionally find a contemporary book that I really like! That said, I did some math and discovered that YA accounts for less than 25% of what I actually read, though it’s probably 50% of what I buy, so that’s something I want to change now I’m analyzing my actual reading habits. It doesn’t make sense to buy 20 YA books a year if I’m only reading 10.

I didn’t remove anything due to low ratings, but I did remove two books due to confusing blurbs that also happened to have horrible reviews. But like, I kept a book that has a 2.89 on Goodreads and 2.8 on Amazon out of over 100 reviews, because I still really want to read it, even though so many people say it falls apart at the end. A few people loved it, though, so…optimism.

It took me going through the list a few times to pare things down to something reasonable, but now I can get through my entire Goodreads TBR in a couple of minutes. It’s funny how digital clutter can weigh you down.

There are definitely still books on there that I’m 100% not going to read, just like there are books in my house I’ll probably never read. But without opening every single book on Amazon and reading sample pages, this is the best I can do based on covers and blurbs. And I can tell I’d never read some of these blurbs, because when I read them, I was like, “What the hell is this doing on my TBR?”

Books needed to have more going for them than just a pretty cover. And yeah, I deleted books just because the cover was hideous. I unhauled some books last month, and one of them was given away because the spine was an eyesore, and another was added to the pile because I hated the title. You can ask, but logic isn’t involved here.

Overall, I’ve managed to keep my Amazon cart from growing thus far, and moving forward, I want to actually read blurbs before I add books to my TBR, or at least skim them. Yeah, I’ve bought a few books without reading the blurb, but that’s not all the time! And last time I did that, it was a graphic novel, and that’s different. 😀 I do usually read blurbs before actually buying something. ^_^


  • Michelle Athy

    I can’t figure out your book-TBR system lol I literally only add books to the TBR when I like the premise or it’s an author I’ve read before or I’m just like, “I’m going to like this book.” It tends to hover around 60ish and I’ll read things that aren’t on the list once in a while. I’ve gotten rid of a few this year because I borrowed the ebook from the library, read a few chapters of a couple of books, and found I didn’t want to continue reading them.

    I mostly keep the TBR because I can’t remember everything I want to read anymore.

    • Krystal Jane

      I’ve been really bad about adding books to the TBR just because I like the cover. So I definitely want to be more discerning moving forward. It’ll help me keep things under control. Lol!

  • Tonja Drecker

    Wow. That’s so complicated. But then, I shouldn’t say anything. My list is a conglomeration of all sorts of things…I wonder if I’ll ever read them all. But good job for sorting!!!!

  • Jodi Leigh

    “It’s funny how digital clutter can weigh you down.” Truth! I have to organize all the files in my Google Drive every year for my own sanity (it clutters up due to lesson plans, presentations, etc.). The ironic thing is there’s no need to organize it–I can find anything I need by typing a keyword or two into the search box. So the fact that the clutter bothers me is totally psychological. It feels like the digital version of an unorganized heap piled up in my office.

    I had no idea how many books were on my TBR, so I just checked. 74. Not too bad! My problem is I’ll add things to my TBR, then never go back to them again. For some reason paying for books causes me pain (unless I’m supporting an author I know, or I’m paying for a sequel to a book whose first installment was great). So almost everything I read are freebies from BookBub. The problem with BookBub is it’s like shopping at a Thrift Store. Sure you’ll find a diamond buried in the rough once in awhile, but it takes a lot of digging. I end up weeding through a a lot of garbage to finally get to something good. If time is money, then I’d be better off just spending money on books.

    Glad you got your TBR organized to where you feel more relaxed!

    • Krystal Jane

      74 is great! I feel the same way about digital clutter. I just don’t like the sight of it. Lol! I recently reorganized my story graveyard because I have several projects with multiple working titles, and it was driving me crazy to have them scattered everywhere.

      I tried reading free downloads for a bit, but I got really overwhelmed and stressed, so I hardly ever pick up one now. I’m currently in the process of deleting most of them from my kindle app. There’s no way I’m going to read them at this point. Do you ever see what’s on Prime Reading? There’s really good stuff available there. I guess I don’t mind buying stuff because I enjoy spending money on my hobbies and feel like it’s worth it. But I could stand to go to the library more.

  • Jonny Pongratz

    I totally sympathize with your TBR issues. I had to reconstruct my GoodReads shelves about a month or so ago because it was so out of control. Now I have it neatly organized and I couldn’t be happier. High five for you!

  • jennifersilverwood

    I’ve so been there with the TBR list haha. Totally relate to this 😀 I’m also impressed you cut down your TBR list so much! Sadly I have not updated mine in forever. Instead I try to keep a certain amount of books I haven’t yet read in my Kindle on my phone and then force myself to pick one up. Usually it’s a win, even for the ones I bought in the good ole days of 2011 when we just picked up any ebook 🙂 Happy reading!

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