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Hello! ^_^

In my entire life, I have never failed to finish a project I wanted to finish. Never. In my life. And it’s probably because I sometimes force myself to sit down and write. If I’m on the “right” project I don’t have to force the writing, but I often have to force myself to sit down and do it, or it just doesn’t get done. Part of how I keep up with things is with a planner.

Sometimes, having a long to-do list stresses me out, until I remember that it’s self-imposed, and I don’t actually have to do any of it. But I’ve been going back and forth on rather putting writing on my planner is beneficial. Ultimately, I decided it’s more helpful to have goals than not. Because when I’m stressed, I can just ignore them, and then I’ll also have proof of how often I’m ignoring them.

With this in mind, I went planner shopping. I know. It’s September. But I take so long to make a decision sometimes. This current year, I’m using a business planner, and honestly, it’s not very beneficial for the realm I’m in. The entire planner is only about 20% relevant, and that number is likely inflated.

Previously, I used an Erin Condren Planner, but literally none of their options work for me. They’re nice, but I end with too much space or not enough of the right kind of space. I tried vertical and horizontal layouts, doesn’t matter. I thought about Bullet Journaling, but the thought of doing all of that drawing every week stressed me out. Unnecessary stress. Lol! I know I was being picky, but I thought, surely there’s something out there that will work for me, something I could customize so I didn’t have to write in what I wanted every week or be stuck with giant blocks that didn’t work for me. Sometimes I end up with too much to do because I feel compelled to fill the extra space. >.< This is where being stubborn is a good thing. I don’t quit. I looked on Amazon, at Target, office supply stores, all those typical suspects. But I really wanted a spiral-bound planner, because I like that so much better, and I really didn’t want blocks of space that I didn’t need. Finally, I find Plum Paper online, and they have three sizes, multiple layouts, and there are multiple customization options! Like…you guys don’t even know. I was ecstatic. ^_^

I did try not using a planner, but then I felt unorganized, and nothing was getting done, and I still needed a place to keep up with stuff, because my phone does not help. I only look at the calendar to see dates and give myself reminders to open a fresh pack of contacts, because I forget. For everything else, the phone doesn’t help. Having a physically planner that’s in my face every day has worked a lot better for me. So, I thought maybe my planner frustration was the planner I was using and not the fact that I had stuff I wanted to do…if that makes sense. I still struggle to balance putting too much stuff on the planner, but I think having a bit less space will help with that. Maybe. Plus, I’m going to try better organizing different kinds of things, which I can do with all the custom options on my soon-to-be new planner! Which I’m obviously too excited about. 😀

Before I run off, there’s a fun poetry interview up on The Sunflower Scribbles with yours truly. Go read. ^_^


  • Michelle Athy

    My friend bought me a planner for my birthday this year, just as I was getting ready to go back to grad school–and it’s helped out SO MUCH. I hadn’t used a physical planner in years, but writing down my due dates and exam dates and play dates helps so much to keep myself straight.

    • Krystal Jane

      Aren’t they great? There’s just no replacement for a physical planner! Plus, it keeps me organized on busy weeks and lowers my stress overall. ^_^

  • Jodi Leigh

    Loved your interview! I really enjoyed reading how you went about deciding on ‘gardens’ for all of your poems.

    I checked out the Plum Paper planners, and they are SO perfect. They have ones for teachers! To be clear, teacher planners have always existed, but every teaching planner assumes you teach elementary school, so they’ve never been “right”. This one let me customize a planner for middle school. Thanks for sharing!

    • Krystal Jane

      Yay! Aren’t they? I’m so glad I found them. I can finally get what I need and want at the same time!

      Speaking of interviews, you might be getting an email from me later. ^_^

  • Tonja Drecker

    Oh my. I have so many projects I have given up on over time. And that’s fine. I see it as attempts at something different, and not everything will be what I’m looking for. As to the stress and self-imposed…yep. Totally agree. I’m in search of a new planner right now too, but haven’t found the perfect one yet for this coming year. But searching is half the fun.

  • Tyrean Martinson

    I struggle to finish things. I just found a note for a project I had forgotten about, but now that I think about it, I have usually finished things I truly care about. I will get there with the things I’m working on now. Just eventually.
    I hope you find the right planner!

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