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Writing Game Plan: Rewrite Edition

Now that the metaphorical cat is out of the box, alive and well thankyouverymuch, I’m going to talk about my plan for rewriting the stories that are haunting me.

When I talked about changing projects last week, I realize that I didn’t actually say what I was working on now, so I’m going to cover that here, because it’s related to the rewriting talk.

First up are code name “Winter” and code name “Sparrow.” These are the two I wanted to work on the most, and while I picked “Winter” to write first, I couldn’t help but get “Sparrow” started. The first chapter of “Sparrow” ended up being over 5000 words though! Which is ridiculous. Literally the longest first chapter I’ve ever had, but I’m standing by it for now.

The plan is to finish “Winter” first, since it’s the oldest rewrite on the list, and then write “Sparrow” before doing first edits on “Winter” and so on, back to back until they’re done. Both of these stories are YA paranormals with ghosts, although “Sparrow” has another creature in it and a bunch of gorgeous ravens, and “Winter” has witchcraft.

There’s no pressure to come up with an official title right now, but I’m surprised it’s been difficult to come up with one for “Winter” since this is a rewrite, and the framework of the story is basically the same. “Sparrow” is the new placeholder title for the Raven rewrite, because this was the original title for the sequel idea once upon a time. I don’t like the last title I had for this story anymore, which was “Behind Stone and Shadows.” I do still like “Raven” though, and it’s still known as “the raven story” in the inner circle.

I was tempted to double up on projects, but after I got the first chapter down for “Sparrow” I calmed down. 😛

Originally, I was going to rewrite “Discord” after these two since that is also YA paranormal except with no ghosts, but I’m already thinking I want to do “The Inescapable” third, because that’s just how I’m feeling. I think writing “Discord” fourth will be better for my focus overall. I feel like if I try to write it before any of these others, I’ll get distracted.

I figure I can probably preplan an order for the rewrites since I’m equally excited about a few of them anyway. The plan is to get words on the page for the next story on the list while I work on the current story, so that when I get to the next story, I won’t have a blank page to stare at. I know someone people like blank pages, but they can stress me out. Having a chapter done already will give me something to read and maybe also help ground me in the next project. Or give me something to edit if the chapter needs to be rewritten again. I’m good either way.

At the moment, I’m still on the fence about “The Puppet Box” but things change. Sometimes overnight.

The current order is:
The Inescapable

I’ve been working on “Winter” for about a month now, and things are good. 😀 The first time I wrote this, however, I had difficulty maneuvering through the non-love triangle. It was difficult to show the struggle she was having, because I didn’t properly show the problem in the first place. Also, I started with a literal explosion because it was exciting. However, I feel like it’s better to see her interact with the two guys before the explosion. This way we know right away that she’s being extremely stupid, but we also know why she’s being stupid. It makes everything that comes after the explosion better, because that’s where things fell apart before. We had this exciting scene, and then I had to slow everything down to show why she was acting this way.

Thanks to my long first chapter, I’m around 6300 words into “Sparrow.” I’m taking a direct “this is the bad guy” approach to that story, because I have a lot of ground to cover, and I think there’ll be a lot less fumbling around if I just come out and say it and then let the characters try to figure out exactly what’s going on, and work on how to fix things from there. Otherwise, the story has too much dead space. Before, the characters often had nothing to do because they didn’t know anything yet, and since the antagonist is so obviously bad, I figure it’s best to just be upfront about it, Ursula-style. Also, the POV change is making the story a whole lot easier to write, and it fixed some of the plot holes I had before.

This is about all I can handle for now, but I’m excited to be in “rewriting mode.” It’s different, but it’s fun.


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