May & June Reading Wrap Up (2019 Edition)

All righty, I finally feel like I’m not dragging my feet with the reading so much anymore. I think it really slows me down when I read stuff I don’t like. I just get all kinds of deflated. As it stands, I’m still on track for my goal, but I lost the nice lead I built up at the beginning of the year. Haha. I’m trying to tell myself that it’s okay if I don’t meet my goal. Like, if I only read 50 books, that’s still really good! Plus, I’m still two books ahead of schedule, so… ^_^

27: I’m A Narwhal
Author: Mallory Loehr, Illustrated by: Joey Chou
Genre: Picture book
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed: No
This was so cute! And I learned things about narwhals that I didn’t know. ^_^ This goes perfectly with my Little Golden Unicorn Book.

28: Adultolescence
Author: Gabbie Hanna
Genre: Poetry
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed: No
Gabbie is a YouTuber. I’ve seen exactly two of her videos, and they were music videos, but I’ve seen her on other people’s channels and know she’s a bit of a mess. Some of this is kind of juvenile in a way that isn’t funny, but then some of it is funny, and then some of it’s actually really good. So, it’s kind of all over the place, like she probably is. I’m in the process of unhauling some books, and I thought about not keeping this, but the poems I do like, I really like, and I could actually read this again, so I’m keeping it, but barely.

29: Teen Titans: Raven (ARC)
Author: Kami Garcia, Illustrated by: Gabriel Picolo
Genre: Comic Book – DC
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed: Yes
I didn’t like this. It just felt…shallow? The teen angst and high school stuff was really cliche and like, there just because they’re teens. It was meaningless. I didn’t really connect to the story. No one used their abilities until the last 5% of the book, and it was so rushed, I was left feeling like I didn’t know what just happened, and I also feel like nothing happened. But Raven is kind of cool, so there’s that. I may have gone off a little in the review, but I didn’t hate it. I just didn’t have a good time.

30: The Vampire Academy – Graphic Novel
Author: Richelle Mead, Illustrator: Emma Vieceli, Adapter: Leigh Dragoon
Genre: YA Paranormal/Graphic Novel
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed: No
This was fun, I just found it a little disjointed in places. I’m not familiar with the story at all, but I don’t think that’s why it felt so jerky. The adapter probably needed to have run this past someone who hadn’t read the book or seen the movie to make sure it made sense. There were a gazillion characters, and I couldn’t tell some of them apart because they looked the same. It was also super obvious who the villain was, because who else could it be? But I finally want to read the novel now, which I’ve had for a while. I still don’t want to watch the movie, though, because I can see a lot of ways the story could have been busted in that format. But maybe I’ll try to watch it after reading the book.

31: Lullabies
Author: Lang Leav
Genre: Poetry
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed: No
This collection was kind of strange, but I liked it. I’m still not a fan of poetry that reads like a journal entry, at least not when it’s super long, but that kind of poetry was sparse overall. The collection started off kind of happy, almost too much, but it got progressively more depressing, in a way that I like, as it went along. There were a few entries that I related to quite a bit. It’s like watching a happy relationship crumble and die and turn to ash. It was nice.

32: New Moon
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Genre: YA Paranormal
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed: No
I meant to read this book much earlier, but I got kind of overwhelmed by the length. Haha. Plus, it took me over a month to read this. Granted, I didn’t read very much, but there wasn’t much going on either. I surprisingly wasn’t bored, I just didn’t have anything to propel me forward or motivate me to read until the werewolves showed up. But I really liked this for the most part. New Moon is my favorite movie in the franchise, so I’m happy the book didn’t upset me. It probably helped that I’d seen the movie already. Bella’s constant pining didn’t bother me as much as I expected it to, though her insecurities at the end really got on my nerves. It just went on too long. In any case, Jacob is my favorite. He was already my favorite, but book Jacob is like sunlight. ^_^

My TBR has been pretty wrecked lately. On one hand, I like having a list of books to read, but at the same time, if it turns out I’m not in the mood for something, I waste at least a week, sometimes as long as a month, trying to talk myself into reading it anyway before giving up and replacing it with something else. Also, there are certain kinds of YA characters that I can’t read this time of year. It’s obviously psychological. Like, the more immature (or bratty) the character is, the more annoyed I get, this time of year. Without fail.

Regardless, I continue to make TBRs. I want to get better at adjusting them as I go along and get better at deciphering what kind of reading mood I’m in from week to week. It’s an interesting experiment. It’s helping me see some of the reading-related issues I have, like, trying to force myself to read something I’m not in the mood for. It’s kind of interesting that I do the same thing with my writing. 😐 Lol!

Anyway, happy July and happy 4th if you celebrate! ☀️


  • Tonja Drecker

    Oooo…you have some changes to your blog! Nice 🙂
    Jacob is my favorite too. Yep, sunshine. My TBR list is finally getting to the point where I can see over it and maybe get in more writing time. You always attack such interesting books…ones I often hadn’t heard of yet. So, I love seeing these lists!

    • Krystal Jane

      I can’t even imagine how tall your TBR would be if you stacked everything on top of each other.
      This month is looking decent for reading and writing at long last. ^_^

  • Tyrean Martinson

    I’ve been reading children’s pb books lately and graphic novels, so I’m a Narwhal sounds perfect for my July list. 🙂
    I love coming to read your reading list. I’m always impressed by the variety and I also see something I want to read or read again. Thanks for sharing!

    • Krystal Jane

      It’s such a cute book! ^_^
      I didn’t realize a read any kind of variety until I started tracking things. Plus tracking motivates me to read more, and reading more is relaxing. It’s good all around.

    • Krystal Jane

      Lol! You threw it down, my sister couldn’t get through the movie. I went in expecting something to bother me, but it was just all the “I can’t believe he loves me!!” nonsense at the end.

  • Jodi

    I’m so curious why bratty character only bother you during a specific time of year? Immature/bratty characters bother me ALL the time.

    Thanks for squeezing in beta-reading my book in all your TBRs!

    • Krystal Jane

      I think I have bad memories of having to go back to school soon or something. Lol! It happens every year. Things I can overlook in January suddenly annoy me a great deal in July and August.

      No problem at all! ^_^ This month’s TBR is pretty light as far as lengthy books go. Plus I’m so curious!

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