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March Reads & Other Updates

So, I didn’t do a lot of reading last month. For anyone who missed it, I’m back in my writing chair and juggling three projects (the poetry book and two paranormal projects and I’m having a blast), and I also decided to stop making to-do lists because frankly, I don’t care how much I get done anymore. Lately, caring has made me less productive, because I get stressed and then curl into a ball and do nothing. This isn’t to say I don’t give myself reminders. I still need those. And I also still have a TBR of books I want to read soon-ish, but that isn’t stressful. It’s flexible, and I’ve been using it to speed up the “what to read next” process.

Basically, I’m trying to get more rest, because I need it. It’s only been a week, so I’m still struggling to actually get off the computer and not care if I finish folding laundry. I don’t have a cat to shed all over the clothes right now, so I should take advantage of that. 😛

Anyways, this is what I read last month. ^_^

19: Giant Days, Vol. 9
Author: John Allison
Genre: Graphic Novel/Contemporary
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed: No
These are all silly and fun. Just college hijinks with a trio of friends in the UK. They’re relaxing to read because there isn’t like a deep plot or anything to keep up with. Each chapter is like a mini episode. There are storylines that carry throughout, like relationships and stuff, but most plot points are confined to one chapter.

20: Light Filters In
Author: Caroline Kaufman
Genre: Poetry
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed: No
There wasn’t anything I disliked about this. It’s a good collection. I’m pretty sure this was written when the author was a teenager. There aren’t too many poems from my teen years that are good, so I have to give kudos to that.

21: The Batman Adventures: Mad Love and Other Stories
Authors: Paul Dini, Bruce Timm, Glen Murakami, and several illustrators
Genre: Comic Book/Fantasy/DCU
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed: No
The age appropriateness is all over the place, from what I think is rather PG to definitely adult. It’s my first time reading a DC comic, and I didn’t find it darker or “grittier” than Marvel. Less fantastic for sure. Funnier. More cartoonish. Not in a bad way. It reminded me of the Batman cartoon from the 90s, which isn’t surprising. This was written by some of the same writers and artists who worked on the show. There were some stories I couldn’t appreciate as much because I’m less familiar with Batman’s world than say, X-Men, in general, but it was interesting and fun throughout, and I learned new things about Poison Ivy, which is always a good thing.

22: Soft Thorns
Author: Brigette Devoue
Genre: Poetry
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed: No
There were people criticizing this for being a Milk & Honey rip off, but I haven’t read that, and I also don’t think you can rip off a short-form lowercase style, or whatever people were comparing. In any case, I waffled between four and five stars, but I really liked it overall.

So, I’m rolling over books from last month: Mad Love, New Moon, and Part of Your World (which I’m struggling with — the narration is too omniscient for my taste) – two poetry collections: Fierce Fairytales by Nikita Gill and To Make Monsters Out of Girls by Amanda Lovelace – and I also have a couple of arcs I couldn’t help but pick up: ^_^ Last Girl Lied To by L.E. Flynn (YA Thriller) and The Kingdom by Jess Rotenberg (YA Sci-Fi with a mixed android-human girl?!) I don’t think I’ll get to everything between poetry formatting and writing a bit and sleeping, but this is what’s on the TBR this month. 😀

Happy April!


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