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Poetry Update

GUYS! I read over the poems again, and I’m much happier with the collection than I was expecting! 😀 I went through everything with a broom first. Next is a vacuum. Then a fine-toothed comb. Then a second opinion. Then I’ll read through it again and start organizing it. And after it’s organized, I’ll read it again. But the first sweep was mostly to clean up the document, because it was an actual mess, and still is. There are crazy fonts in all the different sizes and colors, and bolded and underlined portions. The first round of cleaning up involved getting rid of random tags I didn’t need, rewriting stuff, and titling and retitling what I could without stressing myself. Naming stuff is fun. 🙂

So far I haven’t axed an entire poem. Not for lack of trying. I just felt weird deleting stuff without giving them a chance, but the next pass is when I’ll hack stuff. If anything. The only thing I’ve hacked so far is a couple of random lines I didn’t like, and one stanza from a poem I wrote for a story in 2011 that was making things a little chunky and also shared a couple of similar lines with another poem adapted from a song I wrote God knows when. It’s funny because they’re actually very similar in subject matter and not even inspired by the same things at all.

I officially have a title! Which I’ll talk about later. Lol! And I have a cover date booked. So, there’s not too much heavy lifting left. 🙂

In random-ish news, I may or may not have been kind of moody lately. Oh, you didn’t notice? Well, in case you did, I do feel better. Kind of. Sometimes I want to delete the entire blog and run away into the woods, only not actually, because I’m not all that fond of nature. My siblings reminded me the other day that the sky always falls whenever I start a new story. 🙂 I wish it wouldn’t, but here I am. It’s well documented that I get very pissy and agitated and depressed when I’m not writing, so I shouldn’t be surprised that keeping my mood out of the tank is a struggle right now. Poetry helps, but I’m not looking at it everyday. I was actively not looking at it for a spell, because the first pass is the hardest to get through, probably because I had to fix some stuff, and I wasn’t in the mood, and I realized typing poems on my phone is a good way to have a mess on my hands.

To be honest, I 100% feel like I don’t want to write anymore. I get flashes of wanting to write while I’m reading sometimes, but it fades. I think sometimes that writing keeps me saner, but maybe I’d be saner without it.

In any case, the poetry stuff is going well. There’s only a few bits here and there that I’m still not happy with and no more than five or so poems that I might give up on, so that’s better than I thought. I thought it might be around 25.

Okie dokie. Back to reading or something.


  • Tonja Drecker

    Glad to hear that the poetry book is going well…and excited to see it! After all of the writing you’ve been doing, I can imagine that the desire slumps. Usually, I take a break or do something that won’t let me write time wise. It’s interesting how suddenly the writing bug bites again, when I know I have no time to work on a plot bunny at that moment. Maybe a little vacation would help? But somewhere warm. Road trip? Can’t wait to hear your title and see the cover!!!

    • Krystal Jane

      A road trip sounds great! 🙂 I sometimes think busy spells are good for writing. There’s no time to obsess about stuff and talk yourself out of it, and issues can work themselves out when you’re not paying attention. I’m excited about the cover! I’ve been playing around with some ideas. ^_^

  • Michelle Athy

    I’m excited for your poetry book!

    Hey, look, sometimes we don’t feel like writing. There’s no point in stressing ourselves out over that. Writing comes when it comes and sometimes it comes in floods and other times in drips and drabs.

    • Krystal Jane

      I’m excited! ^_^

      I guess the benefit is that I’m taking a real break now, instead of the usual fake break where I’m still taking notes and outlining and brainstorming. Lol!

  • Jodi

    I feel like my life would be happier if I wasn’t a writer. My twin sister isn’t a writer, and you know what she does on her free time? Relaxes. She watches her favorite TV shows, hikes with her kids, watches her friends play in their band, hangs out with interesting people, ice-skates with her family…etc. And she gets to do all this with NO writer’s guilt. No nagging sense of “I should be working on my book right now.” So yeah, it’s hard not to feel jealous of that life. But when I think about quitting, it feels like I’m smothering something inside me. It’s a weird feeling that’s hard to explain, but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. There’s just no way around it, being a writer is a hard lot in life. You’re held hostage by your own whims, and they often make you miserable. So let’s just succumb to it and be in this shitty club together, lol.

    So glad your poetry book is coming together! I am SO excited.

    Off topic but Amazon was selling paperbacks of Whisper for only $2.99 last week, so I picked up another copy for my classroom. At that point I realized how far behind I’ve gotten on your books, so I’m going to start reading my own copy of Whisper tonight (after the Super Bowl). After that I’ll order House of Falling Ember. Excited to have some good reading lined up!

    • Krystal Jane

      Jodi!! That’s exactly how I feel! I’m totally hugging you through the computer right now! It is hard not to feel jealous of people who can just walk around and not write and not care. At the same time, if I really could walk away, I’d be like half a person, you know. I’m glad we’re in the club together. ^_^

      As many times as I’ve read these poems, I’m not sick of them yet. That’s good. Lol!

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