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Melodramatic Reading Goal Talk :D

For some insane reason, I gave myself 9 books to read in January. >.<

In my defense, most of the books are shorter or easier to read. And also in my defense, I actually originally wrote down 8 books, and that’s the goal I have posted by my desk, so really, I don’t have to read 9 books to meet my goal. In any case, it’s halfway through the month (or so), and I have read two books!!

Now, I’m not panicking. First of all, if I don’t get all the books read, it’s not a big deal. Second of all, I can still totally read most of them! Like I said, most of them are short. There are only two longer ones, and those are relatively easy reads. I probably won’t make it to nine, but I should make it to seven, but someone please tell me why I did this to myself? Lol! I swear I’m going to be more reasonable next month. I just thought it would be fun to get ahead for the year right off the bat, and well, I won’t try to do this again. Lol!

I would like to blame something for my utter lack of sitting down and reading, but there really isn’t any kind of excuse. I just want to be in a Hulu coma right now, okay?! 😛

But maybe, I do kind of sorta have half of an excuse. Like, I’ve been so stressed about my reading goal for January that I’ve been medicating myself with cartoons and America’s Next Top Model. I think the lesson here is: be reasonable when you’re setting goals, people! Lol!

That said, I still totally think I can hit 7 books! Maybe even 8! And if I get 8, I can stay away from the internet long enough to finish one more. It’s not like I have a life or anything. ^_^

I could probably read faster if I didn’t want to soak in the books so much, but that’s how I roll with the reading right now, and I’m not going to change it. But I did put Carrie on hold until I get some shorter books read, to boost my confidence and all that. But I still plan on having it done by the end of the month, which shouldn’t be a problem, because I’m making good progress, and it’s not even 300 pages long.

Anywho, I’m actually over here feeling totally confident, so here’s to one more book read by midnight! 😀


  • Book Club Mom

    Oh my! I don’t think I could read even 7 books in a month, but as you said, they are shorter so I bet you can do it! I have to read at least 2 a month for my book clubs and then I like to fit in a few in between those. So maybe 5. But like you, I like to absorb the pages, not just fly through them. Read on – you can do this!

  • Tonja Drecker

    You did set your goals high this month. I’m curious to hear which books are on your list. I’m fighting to keep up with my reading pile this month too, mostly thanks to the editing (so much to do and so little time!). But I’m here, cheering you on—go get those books!!!

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