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Goals: 2018 Wrap Up and 2019


It’s here! The last post of the year! ^_^

First – still working on the same story. Ha. Actually working. And for the first time in I don’t know how long, I haven’t gone back and edited the first chapter a gazillion times. I was happy with it, so I moved on. Didn’t even know that was possible.

I was definitely dragging my feet a lot, but one weekend I started thinking about a musical adaption idea I have and how I should write the idea down (and a couple of others) so I’ll remember to check in on it later, and naturally, I got super excited and wanted to start plotting and taking notes and such, and that’s when I realized…I need to get going, like really going, on my work-in-progress before I pull myself off the rails again. (Yay long sentence!)

So, I sat down and told myself to just write a page or whatever I felt like, and I ended up writing for over an hour. ^_^ #motivationhack – butt in chair. Or fake it til you make it. 🙂 Soft deadline for the project is the end of March.

Second – I wanted to do a goal wrap up for 2018 and declare some goals for 2019. ^_^

2018 Goals
1) Publish 2 Books

2) Read 26 Books
– Read 56!! Should finish one more by year’s end. I think I crossed 26 in the springtime, so I raised it a couple of times after that, but yay!!

3) Hit High Note in “Think of Me” Consistency and Comfortably
– It’s a B5, which I was already comfortable with, so this mostly involved me pulling out a tuner and making sure I was actually hitting the right note. I wasn’t. But in my efforts to be on-key, I got my range from an iffy C6 to a good D6. This is very exciting for me.

4) Work On Sleep & Stress Levels
– Stress levels are significantly better. We’re still working on the sleep. Lol! But the quality of sleep is much better! I just need to get to bed earlier. It’s hard to turn the old brain off, you know.

5) Visit Local Coffee Shop
– Went twice. I’d been meaning to go for a few years. In my defense, it isn’t close, and I pass by Starbucks every day.

6) Visit Park
– Yep, and I also went to another trail across town that has an actual mini waterfall!!! (picture below)

7) Research Conference Options
– Did this. I didn’t decide on whether I was actually going to one or not, but that wasn’t the goal. Haha.

Next year I’m doing something a little different. Less overall goals, and more micro-goals. I got a goal-planning planner instead of my usual pretty-for-the-sake-of-being-pretty planner, so I want to see if I make more progress this way. I’m happy with what I accomplished, but my brain felt chaotic most of the year.

2019 Macro-Goals
1) Write & Edit 2 Books 
– I’m so tempted to say three, but we’re trying to stay sane here. And I mean edit all the way through: from first edit to final read-through.

2) Hit High Note in Phantom of the Opera – E6
– This was a goal in 2017, and I realized very quickly that I had gotten in over my head and wasn’t practicing nearly enough. I also got sick of singing the same song over and over again. I love it, but I don’t wanna sing it every day! So, next year, my goal is to sing weekly, whatever I want, and every time I sing, go over the scales and get as high as I can without breaking my throat. And as I mentioned above, I’m at a freaking D6 guys, like come on, voice box!

3) Read 60 Books
– Why not? ^_^ I’m going to attempt a flexible monthly TBR. I figure I can pick a TBR like I decide on what to write. I’ll go through my books and pick out the ones I’m most excited about at the time, and if a new book comes out and I must read it NOW, then I’ll read it, but this past year, that only happened like, twice, I think, so I’m expecting this to work for the most part.

And that’s it. I don’t have a sleep goal this year, because having one actually low-key stresses me out, and more stress = a harder time falling asleep. I suspect my sleep will fix itself if I stop aggravating myself. We’ll see.

All righty, that’s it. Lol! I’ll still be half-glued to my phone if anyone wants to reach me, but the blog will see you next year! 😀

waterfall ^_^


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