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Release Day Party: House of Falling Embers :D

GUYS!!! I’m so excited to have another book releasing out into the world today!! ^_^

All the information and links and such will be down below. In the meantime, I wanted to chat about the Creative Well, because my birthday book was born out of an overflowing creative river, so it’s totally appropriate. 😀

The well or river or whatever you want to call it is like the energy source for a writer, right? We fill it with books we love and awesome movies and tv shows, and when it’s overflowing, words are everywhere! But if we don’t fill it with the right fuel, the muse is moody – or gone – and we’re in that ditch trying to make a castle out of parched earth.

Because all media isn’t created equal. For example, as a writer of paranormal fiction and other dark supernatural themes, I cannot fill the well with most contemporary books. I can’t fill it with non-fiction. I can’t fill it with a tv drama. It’s just not going to work. Those things will water other areas of my life, or at least entertain me, but they won’t fill my personal writing well.

I don’t necessarily need dark fiction and darker themes, though, of course, that works great. Strangely enough, comedies work well for me, too. Not any kind of comedy. It has to make me laugh, and it helps if it’s super random. Like, Married…with Children always works. Family Guy works. Certain episodes of things like Parks and Recreation and The Office have worked. Those shows are really creative, and because they make me laugh, they relax my brain, distract me, and fill the old creative river at the same time.

I don’t know why dramas don’t work. Maybe if I wrote different kind of stories.

Earlier this year, I read a ton of paranormal, dark contemporary fantasy, and supernatural horror. The river was overflowing so much, I couldn’t stop the itch to write if I tried. And it was awesome. But as the editing rounds set in for the birthday book, and the hot, draining summer months set in, the reading slowed and the river stopped overflowing. It’s far from empty, but I still got to the end of the summer feeling rather uninspired.

It was here I realized that I’ve read nothing dark all summer. There was one anthology with maybe three dark stories in the whole thing. I’m not going to stop reading lighter fiction, but I obviously need to pepper other reads in with those lighter ones.

And the same goes with what I watch. I checked what I was watching on Netflix and Hulu, and I, once again, found nothing dark. At least not the fun, fantasy kind of dark I like. To remedy this, I spent a recent weekend watching things like Spiderman 3 (because Venom is coming out Friday!), Beautiful Creatures, and Van Helsing, not commenting on the quality of anything, but fantasy is fantasy, and they’re all fun. I also did some random writing exercises at the insistence of my sister.

All of this helped. It started helping immediately. By the end of the weekend, I had words on the page, and while things always start slow, it’s nice to be actually moving on something again, because it has been like five weeks, and while that doesn’t sound that bad, I get legit unbalanced when I’m not writing. ^_^

Anyways!! I’m so excited release day is here! And as of last month, all of my books are on the Google Play store, so for the first time ever, there’s a link for that.

Happy Book Birthday to HOUSE OF FALLING EMBERS! 😀

There in the forest, dark and deep…

Once upon a time there was a witch. She was a kind witch, but that didn’t matter. The people were afraid, and fear often turns to hatred.

When Artemis was thirteen, her best friend Aris was swallowed by the crumbling house they found in the woods. Like a coward, she abandoned him to the horror within.

She moved away. She tried to forget. But when she finds herself back in her old neighborhood after college, the ghosts—and her guilt—are waiting. A charred figure stalks her dreams, and someone, or something, haunts her from the trees.

Going back into the woods might be the only way to save her sanity.

Because nine years later, the house is still there. Still waiting. Still restless.

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