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Cover Reveal: House of Falling Embers Edition

GUYS!! ^_^

It’s cover reveal day!!

Every cover experience is different. With my first and third books, I knew exactly what I wanted. With my second book, I had a few clear ideas to bounce off my cover designer. But this time, I had no idea. I Googled something along the lines of “book covers with trees” and then after a few minutes, I gave up and drew up some concepts and then didn’t even go with any of them either. Ha. Usually when I get my mock up covers, we’re pretty much done except for a large or small amount of nitpicking. But this time, I had a giant list of changes. LOL! Even the teasers went through a few changes. But it’s always fun. And my designer has someone on the team making gifs now! Which is just way too exciting. 😀

So far, I’ve avoided having a person on every single cover. Part of the reason is because I personally don’t have a preference as a reader. I like all kinds of covers, so naturally my own books are going to reflect that. Another reason is because the majority of my main characters have dark hair. Of course, different models have different faces, and the power of photo manipulation can take someone with straight blond hair and make it black and wavy, but I still thought everything would look too similar if there was always a person on the front. It’s so funny because I definitely have characters who don’t have dark hair, but all of the ones in the published books do, and the trend is continuing with the next project I have lined up. LOL! I feel like I have no control over this. ^_^

Cover time! 😀

Release Date: October 1, 2018

Once upon a time there was a witch. She was a kind witch, but that didn’t matter. The people were afraid, and fear often turns to hatred.

When Artemis was thirteen, her best friend Aris was swallowed by the crumbling house they found in the woods. Like a coward, she abandoned him to the horror within.

She moved away. She tried to forget. But when she finds herself back in her old neighborhood after college, the ghosts—and her guilt—are waiting. A charred figure stalks her dreams, and someone, or something, haunts her from the trees.

Going back into the woods might be the only way to save her sanity.

Because nine years later, the house is still there. Still waiting. Still restless.

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