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Stories Based On Dreams Based On Stories

Ever write a story based on a dream you had?

I tried a time or two. Once I had a dream that I was a mermaid who came on land after my human mother was kidnapped by some dudes and held for ransom. Sounds pretty awesome right? 😐 Lol! I got one chapter in and gave up. It made zero sense. Why did they kidnap her? And how the crap am I a mermaid if BOTH of my parents are human? Yeah, they were BOTH human. My dreams make so much sense.

Another time I tried to incorporate a couple of dreams into a story about past lives. I realized then that I couldn’t build an entire plot around a couple of cool scenes in my head. Scenes in a book have to relate to each other, you know. The story did have a point. I think. But in trying to connect all of the fragmented pieces, I ended up with something that got more and more tangled the more I tried to work with it.

A couple of years ago, which brings me to the point of this post, I had this EPIC dream with a scepter in it that was SO COOL. I wish I could have stayed asleep to finish it. I wrote it down for a story idea, but I could tell right away that the setting was some post-apocalyptic dark fantasy mash up that was all kinds of a mess and honestly, out of the realm I usually write in. BUT. There’s hope. I’m serious. LOL! It actually makes sense. In my head. Which is the only place it needs to make sense right now.

For me, the problem with turning dreams into ideas, is the same problem I was having with my retellings. I was trying to stick too close to the source material instead of letting the source inspire something crazy in my brain. So, if I let the scepter dream inspire a story instead of trying to write out that twisted mess verbatim, I really believe it will spawn something I can actually write. Which might help that past lives story come to fruition. I’ve given up on the mermaid one, though.

I know it’s possible to take a dream and turn it into a story. People have done it. Now, my dreams are usually vivid, but there was just something about this one. It wasn’t the usual kind of non-sensical strange my dreams usually are. This one had an actual plot. And there was beautiful darkness everywhere! I’ll let you know if it happens, but I wanted to talk about it and ask if there’s anyone out there who successfully turned a dream into a book and how that worked out for them.

Getting excited over this dream is literally what helped me figured out the ending to NO REST FOR THE WICKED when I was stuck on that three years ago. That’s how long ago this was, and I can still see it! Anyway, they have little in common, but that dream made me think of that story and I honestly thought that story was going to die of neglect. It didn’t. 😀

I’m a ways from actually trying to work on it, but I do believe it’s actively baking in the crockpot region of my brain.

Quick writing update: Finished reading through the story Thursday. I got stuck on a chapter for hours and finally just deleted five paragraphs because I couldn’t figure out how to rewrite them and just got sick of looking at them. So, I’m taking a short creative break for my poor, battered brain, but I really want to be writing right now. ^_^


  • Tonja Drecker

    Yay to getting through the edits! And frustration-delete works wonders 😉
    Dreams are a little confuse for entire plots but they can spark wonderful ideas. If my memory serves me correctly, a best-selling series originated from a dream the author had about a sparkly vampire in the sunlight lying in a clearing in the forest—I don’t need to name the title. Lol! Oh, and magic works wonders for mermaid/human issues! Happy writing!

    • Krystal Jane

      Frustration-delete. Love it. 😀 You know, I think I may have heard of that sparkly vampire book. Lol! I have a somewhat workable idea for a mermaid book, but we’ll see if it ever happens.

  • Michelle Athy

    Sometimes dreams can help untangle plot points, but yeah, then you have to figure out how they make sense. I tend to get snippets of scenes or just a feeling in my dreams but trying to translate those into a coherent scene can be hard.

    But mermaids!

    • Krystal Jane

      Just talking about that mermaid dream story helped me make a tiny bit of progress on a different mermaid idea. Hope? 😛

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