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Drafting Update & Publishing News

GUYS!! I am so excited!! 😀

So. First. Drafting update. I am finally at peace with what to work on next. As in, I haven’t had a crisis in over a week. ^_^ I’m not going to say more until I’m past the 25k, continue or dump it, mark, but I will say this: sometimes the project you need to work on actually isn’t the one that’s screaming the loudest. Sometimes, maybe even most times, perhaps even all the time, it’s the one quietly popping up in the background while you’re wrestling with the bunnies of a loud and obnoxious nature.

Just saying.

This year, the plot bunny field has given me so much grief. I can’t even begin to describe the level of grief. I spent three months between last November and sometime in March trying to settle on a project. That is WAY too long to run around in circles! After I finished the story that won the plot bunny battle (it was an unknown boxer who came straight out of hibernation to win the tournament!), I spent most of May, all of June, and most of July trying to decide on the next project.

Do you see the problem here?

Almost HALF a year spent trying to make a decision!! It’s not all wasted time – back in January or February I fixed a ton of plot holes for the current drafting project that I didn’t even know existed! I thought it was ready to go, and the story was like, “Um, no, plot holes. EVERYWHERE! Fix please.” That said, it only took me a week to do that, so still three months of chasing my tail.

Sure, it’s fun, but I’m not getting anywhere!

This is what I’ve learned from over-analyzing the circumstances surrounding the published books (future edition included):
1* They were all stories I wanted to work on. Meaning, I didn’t force myself to work on them. I didn’t have to.
2* They were all stories I ended up working on out of nowhere. They were something I had just about given up on, something I’d completely given up on, something I was just checking in on, or something I had completely forgotten about. Basically, they were chilling quietly in a corner, waiting for me to tame the louder beasts and notice them. They tapped me on the shoulder, but because of all the noise, I almost didn’t pay attention.

So, if I can remember (haha), next time, I’ll open the gate to the plot bunny field like I always do, and just choose the one that’s making the least amount of noise. Right? >.<

You know what else? One of the ways I used to know I’d picked the wrong project is if I picked something and either immediately got a new idea, or picked something and immediately got just as excited, or more, about something else.

So, that’s the main reason I know I’ve picked the right project this time. It was silent, and nothing followed. Because when my brain is happy, it immediately throws the rest of the beasts back in the cage. But, of course, we still love them all. (pets all the bunnies and runs) 😀

The funniest thing of all is that I usually have a mental collection of things I want in the next project. You know, like blood or magic or something I’ve never done before or a character with a terrifying power! When I finally settle down on something, I end up having everything on my wish list. ^_^

In case you noticed, in the side bar (or foot bar if you’re on your phone), I do totally have a blue dot for a title right now. It’s a hint to myself, but I also just think it’s hilarious.

Anyways, in HOUSE OF FALLING EMBERS news, my cover is coming together!!! And 😍!! If anyone wants to sign up to shout out on cover reveal day or release week, I’ll put a couple of links below. Release week being October 1-5, and the cover reveal being September 5. I wasn’t sure I’d make my deadline of September 1st, but I’m on track to be all set and done with everything by mid-August! I start the final round of edits soon!

Cover Reveal
Release Week

Pretty Quote!


  • Tonja Drecker

    Yay to settling in on a new project! I’m always chasing around trying to decide. Actually, still am at the moment, but I figure when the kids start school in 2 weeks again, I’ll have more time to write and things will settle down. If not. I’ll ask you to help tackle that bunny and hold it in place 😉

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