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Writing Anniversaries & Official Blurb Unveiling

July is anniversary month at The Narcissistic Rose Café for two reasons:

One: It’s the month designated for celebrating my first completed novel – not because it’s the actual month I finished – I actually have no idea when that was – but I remember working on it the summer of 1996, and I know it was finished by the end of winter, because by then, I was working on novel attempt #2, which I not only didn’t finished but also ripped to shreds and then lost. 😀

Two: It’s the blog’s 6th birthday. My first post was on July 21, 2012. Happy Blog-oversary! 🙂

During anniversary month, I like to do something fun. Last year, I combed through the graveyard and posted hilarious and awful opening lines from past projects. In previous years, I’ve had a list of favorite characters, favorite older projects, reflections on the writing journey, and odes to past projects, among other fun things.

This year, I’m doing the blurb reveal for HOUSE OF FALLING EMBERS! Because what better way to celebrate all those years of writing and blogging than by celebrating an upcoming release? 😀 I have a lot of work to do before October. My edits arrived, at long last, so, between editing, I also have ALL the other stuff to do, because I’m trying to have everything done by September. It’ll be here before I know it! The cover reveal is scheduled for September 5th, and I’m hoping I’ll have my shiz together and the preorder will be up by then, as well. We’ll see.

Fun fact, my editor highlighted every instance of the word “just” – and not only is it embarrassingly excessive, it’s, unfortunately, not as simple as just (haha) deleting it and moving on. Sometimes I have to rewrite entire paragraphs to get rid of it. Of course, I’m not burning them all, but I am trying to get rid of most of them. She also highlighted “was, can, see, and hear” – which is a lot less helpful, especially since that ended up highlighting every single other word with those words in it, like “scan, heart, seeps, washes, etc.” I guess she figured it was easier than pointing out each time I actually needed to change something. It’s taking extra concentration not to skip over what I’m calling excessive highlights. I know it probably has a lot to do with her being pressed for time since she was super behind, but it’s irritating me in an interesting way. Regardless, I always have fun editing, and this time is no different. 🙂

Anyway, the Goodreads page is up (link below) if you want to put it on a shelf, and now, le blurb reveal. ^_^

Once upon a time there was a witch. She was a kind witch, but that didn’t matter. The people were afraid, and fear often turns to hatred.

When Artemis was thirteen, her best friend Aris was swallowed by the crumbling house they found in the woods. Like a coward, she abandoned him to the horror within.

She moved away. She tried to forget. But when she finds herself back in her old neighborhood after college, the ghosts—and her guilt—are waiting. A charred figure stalks her dreams, and someone, or something, haunts her from the trees.

Going back into the woods might be the only way to save her sanity.

Because nine years later, the house is still there. Still waiting. Still restless.

The cover is currently in progress, and I cannot wait to see how it’s coming along!! Anywho, back to editing! 😀

And because I like pretty things, I’ll leave you with a beautiful quote that I found floating around on my computer. 🙂



  • Tonja Drecker

    Wonderful blurb! And happy anniversary! You are the party girl this time around 🙂 I’m trying not to grumble too much about all of the marks in the story my editor sent back. I know she’s right, but….pffff… I’m currently making a list of necessary ‘inspiration food’ to take down with me in my writer’s cave this weekend while changing all of my ‘stood’s.

    Can’t wait to see your cover, btw! They’re always so gorgeous.

  • Thea Landen

    Happy anniversary! And I remember you posting those opening lines and me stealing the idea for my own hilariously terrible blog post. 😀

    “Just” is one of those words that always manages to sneak into my own writing and is now on the permanent list of things to check for before submitting something. (“That” is another major offender.)

    • Krystal Jane

      😀 Parading our bad opening lines for the world to see is always a good idea. Lol! “That” shows up for me a lot, too. That (haha) and “see.” People are always seeing things, and I don’t know how to stop it!

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