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Let’s Talk: Juggling Projects

Okay. Disclaimer. LOL!

After all the bellyaching I did last year about juggling projects and how I burnt myself out and yada, yada, you would think I wouldn’t be about to say what I’m about to say.

So, I’m going to try editing and drafting at the same time.

I KNOW! But hear me out. LOL!

My theory is that juggling projects the way I was last year doesn’t work, because I was trying to edit and draft in the same time slot: at night. So, I was constantly switching back and forth between laser focus and happy drafting mode, which is inarguably and considerably more relaxing and stuff.

My other theory is that juggling projects the way I’m thinking about juggling them will work, because it wouldn’t require me to go back and forth between projects. I won’t have to set something aside for three weeks while I do another round of editing or squeeze some drafting in while the finished book is on a break or with the editor.

I haven’t actually started to do this yet, so this is all entirely speculation, but I’m going to try editing in the mornings – on my days off only – and then I’ll draft at night.

The reason I think this might work is because I’ve noticed (because I was paying attention) that I have an easier time writing blurbs around the middle of the day. At night, while I have no problems drafting, editing and blurb writing seem to take longer because I can’t focus. Especially on days I work, I don’t want to edit when I get home, I want to relax. Drafting, though chaotic, really is relaxing for me, and I don’t need to be wide awake to do it. Haha. Funny enough, it’s for this same reason that I rather beta read at night. Beta reading is not editing, to me, it’s reading, which is relaxing, which I can do anytime.

But editing my story is not like reading. I need to be awake to pull crap apart, and when I’m not, everything takes 10x longer. One, because I can’t think as clearly, and two, because I have to take frequent breaks to clear my mind. Since I’ve been mostly editing at night, I think this is why I burned myself out.

I know. I’m a mad scientist at heart, and this is totally scientific. So, you must be like totally impressed and stuff.

It’s worth a try! AND! Since I’m so used to writing at night anyway, I figured I might as well play with my new idea at the same time! Because I’m already working on it. LOL!

I can’t help it!! It’s so shiny and pretty and tumbling out of my brain already. I can’t stop it. I’ve been working on it for almost a week now. I have partial scenes written out, backstories, world-building crap, all the main players, the first chapter is probably done, but I’ll read over it later, and I’m trying so hard not to talk about it yet!!

Naturally, I will report back on whether this works or not, but I have to try it. The thought of tabling the new project for three months while I edit on and off makes me so sad! And why be sad when you can not be sad? 😛

I hoping this might teach me writing moderation. If I’m only allowed to edit from say 11:00 to 2:00, then maybe I won’t overdo it? Maybe. I mean, I think I do a pretty good job editing. I just think I’ll do a better job if I’m actually able to focus for more than five minutes at a time.

Anywho, I start Thursday. Commence theoretical science project. 😀


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