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April Reading Wrap Up!

Reading update! ^_^

31: The Moth in the Mirror (Splintered 1.5)
Author: A.G. Howard
Genre: YA Contemporary Fantasy/Novella? (Retelling)
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed: No
I liked the story overall. It’s 40 pages, and it drummed up some excitement about the next book. A couple of things just really got on my nerves. The story is split into 5 chapters, and the fourth had this really annoying and pointless side character, along with a bunch of regurgitated information that I had just read in book one. I liked the end of that chapter, so I wish it had built up to that instead of wasting time rehashing crap. Furthermore, I was horrified to learn that Moth-Man Morpheus is a fairy. I liked him being a moth-man. I mean, sure, it makes sense, but fairies or faeries or fae, while I don’t mind them, are just not something I get excited about. The author made up so many unique species in the first book, I was disappointed that she put in something as normal as fairies. Like, this isn’t mentioned one time in book one.

32: November 9  
Author: Colleen Hoover
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed: No
While this was well-written with believable characters, I hated this in a way that’s hard to explain because it had more to do with how I felt upon finishing the book than the actual book. I wrote a whole post trying to explain it to myself HERE, and I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

33: If You Find Me
Author: Emily Murdoch
Genre: YA Contemporary
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed: No
Usually, when I read issue books, they deal with depression or eating disorders. In this story, the main character was kidnapped by her druggie mother when she was five and raised in the woods where she was abused and neglected for nine years before being rescued. It was incredibly heartbreaking, but I also thought it was handled well and found this surprisingly easy to read. I’m not itching to pick up more books like this, but I’m not dreading another book I have on my TBR that’s similar. It’s a good book if you’re want something dark and disturbing and depressing, but not in a bad way?

34: The Last Girls of Pompeii
Author: Kathryn Lasky
Genre: Upper MG Historical
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed: No
I almost don’t know what to say. This was not well-written, and the editing was crap. I was expecting so much more from this author. That said, this was relaxing to read after the last couple of books I read, and I liked it by the end. The last 25% was pretty good, and I loved the author’s note. So, I really feel like this would have been better if it was YA. It’s in a weird limbo where it’s almost too mature for MG and pretty much too immature for YA. And I’m going to ignore the whole cousin-marriage thing because I know that was normal back in Olden European Times, but come on, Kathryn! You didn’t have to do that. Also, this would have been so much better if she’d weaved the historical bits into the narrative instead of throwing them at the reader. But I really wanted to see that volcano explode, and it was so satisfying.

35: Grace and Fury
Author: Tracy Banghart
Genre: YA Fantasy (ARC – Publication Date: July 18, 2018)
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed: Yes
I liked this a lot. There really wasn’t anything to complain about. I mean, I could nitpick, because I can always do that, but especially for a YA story, the angst was astoundingly tolerable to the point it was almost non-existent. And I honestly don’t even usually read this kind of fantasy because I get all kinds of lost, but I surprisingly wasn’t lost at all. It was well-written and easy to follow and interesting. It gives me hope for the other fantasy books in my TBR. Like I mentioned in another post this month, I’d been wanting to expand my reading horizons a little, and I’m so glad I picked this up. I don’t pick up too many ARCs because I don’t want to feel pressured to read them, but this sounded disturbing and really interesting, and it was. It wasn’t disturbing in a super dark way, but this is being pitched as something similar to The Handmaid’s Tale, so that’s the kind of disturbing this is if you’re familiar with that at all. In any case, this was fun and a great way to end the month.

Quick writing update: I’m nearing the end of the next book! I’m afraid it’s a mess, but I really like it, so I’m moving forward with it. I’m having some confidence issues, of course, but, for me, that kind of comes with the territory and reading and writing at the same time. But I should be done in a couple of weeks! 😀


  • Michelle A

    Wow, look at you, zipping through your reading goal! I’m so close to being done with The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and I’m trying to actually finish this one book I’ve been reading on and off since last November before I move on to the four million books I bought on my Kindle.

    • Krystal Jane

      Yay, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe! Can’t wait to see what you think. I haven’t read it since I was in college when I read through them all back to back. I agonized over my Kindle library yesterday. Not sure about my choice yet though.

  • Christine Rains

    You’ve been reading a lot! I’ve had some books like that lately where I don’t know what to say. I just don’t write reviews for them. How exciting that you’re near the end of your book! 🙂

    • Krystal Jane

      The reading is going well right now. ^_^ I was in a slump for a couple of years, so this has been really nice.

  • tyreanmartinson

    Wow. Way to go with your writing and reading! Thanks for the awesome reviews. It helps to hear a “real” take on books now and then. I just read The Invisible Library and a bunch of really young YA books in The Gallagher Girls series. The Invisible Library was interesting and complex, but there was something missing and I know I stalled somewhere in the middle and had to force myself into the next two chapters, then the end was exciting and satisfying enough that I want to pick up the next book in the series from the library, but yet I’m not sure if I can highly recommend it, even if all the critics in the world love it. Does that make sense?
    The Gallagher Girls Series came onto my reading list because I was looking for a book for one of my students. I decided – A)the student wouldn’t like some the romance (she’s really not into that), but B) I enjoyed the fun of the first book so much that I hastily put the rest of the series on hold at the library and gobbled them up. I am not going to say they are perfect books, but they are fun. And, what’s wrong with a little fun reading?

    • Krystal Jane

      Nothing wrong with having fun! I prefer to have fun. ^_^ The thing about the Gallagher series does make sense. Flawed but fun. 🙂

      I think when I talk about books, it helps me understand my tastes better.

  • Crystal Collier

    Good on you for keeping up with the writing. Who cares if it’s a mess? It will get cleaned up in editing, eh? I’m with you on ARCs. I rarely take them on because I’ve had some bad experiences with them. For a while they pretty much became all I read. I’m slowly breaking out and reading things I want to read because I want to read them instead.

  • Crystal Collier

    Darn. I commented and the browser closed before it saved. Ugh. Anyhow, good on you for keeping on writing. The mess will get cleaned up in editing. =)

    I’m with you on ARCs. I always hesitate because I’ve burned through many I wasn’t sure I could give a good review to. And I hate that. You really want to help authors succeed, right?

    • Krystal Jane

      I would much rather review a book I liked. And I hate not finishing stuff, so then it makes reading stressful. Who wants that?!

  • Jodi

    I’m gonna have to check out Grace and Fury (what a great title too)! Bummer about The Lost Girls of Pompeii. I’ve always been so intrigued by Pompeii and reading about it from a YA would be so awesome. You’ve heard the song “Pompeii” by Bastille, right? If not, it’s a great song (don’t watch the music video though. It ruins it). Considering that the eruption happened just one day after Vulcanalia (the festival of the Roman god of fire), you can see why the lyrics make so many references to the eruption being a consequence of their “sins.”

    Okay, I’ll quit rambling about Pompeii now. I obviously need to find a good Pompeii book to read. 😉

    • Krystal Jane

      I think you’ll like Grace and Fury. The title is perfect for the story! I definitely recommend it. ^_^

      If the Pompeii book had been well-written and YA (and axed the cousin thing), it could have been really interesting. I’m on the hunt for more about Pompeii now, too. And I’m also off to listen to that song, because I haven’t heard it!

  • Tonja Drecker

    You’ve gotten so much reading AND writing done! Wow. I read the Splintered novella a while back and enjoyed it. Nothing super fantastic but entertaining. Grace and Fury sounds interesting. My TBR list is so huge, but I’m putting it on there anyway.

    • Krystal Jane

      Yes! Put it on there! What’s one more book, right? 😛
      But yeah, I’m having a pretty good year. Haha.

    • Krystal Jane

      ^_^ I think trying read every day is what’s moving me along. I’m still not quite there, but pretty close.

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