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Staying Focused and Such

One day, people, one day I will get through an entire novel without having some kind of crisis. Yes? I’ll wait patiently over there while you laugh hysterically.

So, here’s what happened. Long story short, it’s because I don’t have an outline for this story. Usually, by this point in the process, I have a finished outline. But nope, I’ve decided to write dangerously. Just me and my notes and my brain and my flow chart thingie that I haven’t bothered to look at.

At the same time, I do know where the story is going, so I don’t really need an outline. But it’s very true that I wouldn’t have tripped like this if I’d had one. No matter. I’m a rebel.

What kept me on track the first third of my story or so was that I was focused on getting Artemis, my main character, to face her past. Everything I was doing was driving her to break down to the point where she would face it and we could finally see what’s been haunting her for the last nine years. It was sooo satisfying! But also, during all this time, I was fueled by the books I was reading. I was reading a lot of paranormal and fantasy and supernatural horror, and I was just in a delicious cocoon of awesomeness.

Well, that was broken by the contemporary books I read, but it’s not entirely their faults. This is why a girl makes a playlist for her stories. After poking at my story for two days, after a week of doing very little, I finally put on my playlist to see if it would get me back in the right mindset. And I’m happy to report that it did! I wrote 7k words on Sunday, thankyouverymuch.

But before I got my head back in the zone, I had to get myself back on track with the story in general. I did this by analyzing the way I write – analyzing is something I’m good at, after all. And I noticed that, generally, what fuels my writing is excitement, sure, but specifically, it’s excitement for certain major plot points in the story.

Before my big flashback scene, everything was leading up to that. So, naturally, after that scene, everything needs to be leading up to the next big scene. And so on and so forth until the le grand finale!

I actually only have one big scene left before the build up to the end! It’s kind of blowing my mind that I’m more than halfway through this story already. How did that even happen?

I’m a tiny bit afraid that I’m overwriting a little, but cutting is always easier for me than adding, so I’ll take it.

Random note. Cooking is hazardous to my health. LOL!

I was making quesadillas, from a recipe like a good girl, and somewhere between cutting onion, peppers, and squeezing lime juice into my homemade pico de gallo, I got something in my eye that irritated the crap out of it until I could get my hands on some good eye drops. The irritation made my eyes hyper photosensitive, so for an entire day, I couldn’t look at the computer screen and most of the next day I wore an eye patch over my right eye to keep the sun out, and learned that my left contact and just about always blurry. So I might need to switch to a different brand of lenses, but I digress. Everything is fine now, but I will be wearing goggles or something the next time I’m messing with peppers and limes. Like, I didn’t even know for sure what the problem was until I was chopping up more peppers a couple of days later and some squirted on my face. Also, messing with a lime again, I did squirt some of that into my left eye, but a day of eye drops has kept that from giving me any trouble.

Just thought I’d share. 😛

So, I’m currently over 43k words into the story, and I have a title! HOUSE OF FALLING EMBERS. Coming out this October!! ^_^ Here is the current beautiful background on my phone that may provide a tiny hint to the contents. 😀


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