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Stories Are Red, Stories Are Blue…

Also known as the melodramatic journey to deciding what project to work on next. 😛

It all started last summer. Lol! I was working on WHISPER (whispers: coming out in 2.5 weeks), and in true me fashion, I was like, “must pick next project NOW,” you know, to keep the insane momentum going that wasn’t at all sustainable. I tentatively picked something. Let’s call that Project A.

In true me fashion, over the following months, I worried myself to the point where I decided to work on something else. Let’s call that Project B.

A couple of months later, I wasn’t feeling any kind of confident about Project B. I could get the story to work, but after banging my head against it so many times, I needed a break. So I went back to Project A. Nope. Doubt moved in. Brought 50 bags. Well, crap. So, I picked up a third story – Project C. It needed work anyway because there were plot holes everywhere!

During the next few weeks, I fixed so much stuff in Project C! Like, I couldn’t believe how many things I had overlooked, and now I was SO excited, and I was rested and happy and ready to write! I made an official announcement! Sure it was official announcement #3, but it was with a capital O this time.

No. Lol!

Trying to get that story to move was like trying to move a 50 pound brick with my pinky. I was going to fracture something.

Like, I want to write it, but perhaps I wanted it to gel more after all that plot work. So, I set it aside and gave myself permission to take more downtime. Read my comic book. Watch some movies. 🙂

And it was in this more relaxed state that I went back to Project A (for the third time, shh). I have a great opening paragraph (in my opinion), and when I sat down to write some more, another paragraph actually appeared on the screen! But…I still couldn’t relax.

I know, right?

Anyway. Since Project A has fairytale roots, I dug out a little 4×6 notebook that I hadn’t looked at in 5 years to see what kind of notes I had written about that particular fairytale. Just curious. Maybe it would motivate me. Yeah, no. It was all very basic. Not even one page. But in that same notebook, I had 4 pages for another story. Only a page of it was actually usable, but that was all I needed to be swept away. I immediately bounced off the walls and decided then and there that I MUST write that story and write it NOW. Let’s call it Project D.

Again. I know, right? LOL! But here’s my defense, and I think it’s really good. 😛

Until Monday, I had the following extra pages on my blog: Upcoming Novels and Story Graveyard, which I deleted for housekeeping purposes. But then there was the bane of my existence: Writing Projects. I had no less than 17 different projects on there. That page represented a hierarchy, if you will, of stories I was putting over all of my other ideas. This is fine in theory, but my expectations for all those projects got too high. And more importantly, I was suppressing other ideas in the process.

The stress settled in. The pressure. So, I deleted the page. I came to the conclusion that my writing projects page was starting to stress me out. I felt obligated to write certain stories. Obligated to fix certain stories. Now everything is on completely even ground. Which is how it should be when you have more than one idea.

And that is how I finally settled on what to work on next. I picked Project D from that dusty little notebook. It’s very true I haven’t even thought about it since I put it away. But I’m diving in headfirst. Just my character notes, a flow chart of major plot points because that’s how I’m outlining these days, haha, and a few extra notes to keep myself on the rails. Maybe I’m being irresponsible, but I just need to do something different. I’ve been too crazy lately. I need to shake things up.

I’ve already started writing. 😀 I’ll reveal more when I’m past the 20k mark, but for now it’s just called Untitled: Artemis, because that’s the MC’s name, and I don’t have a working title yet. It’s paranormal, of course. And it’s creepy. ^_^

So, finally! Decision made. Updates to come. ^_^


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