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January Reading Wrap Up!

I’m going to take a page from Sunflower Michelle’s blog and talk about what I’ve read this month. 😀 The links lead to the Goodreads page or a review if I have one.

1: Classic Stories – Swan Lake
Author & Illustrator: Peter Clover & Teresa Martinez
Genre: Picture Book
Rating: 3 Stars
The story was written from the POV of the prince. It wasn’t interesting or imaginative. Like, you can’t just slap words on a page and think it’s going to be a good story. Just because something is for 5 year olds, doesn’t mean you don’t have to try. I just thought it was a little lazy. But the artwork is gorgeous.

2: Enchanted: Magic Spark
Authors: Sara Dobie Bauer, Em Shotwell, Wendy Sparrow
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
Rating: 4 Stars
Somehow I ended up really liking this even though I DNFed the first story. It was lots of fun overall, and I never argue with a good time. 🙂

3: What Do You Do with an Idea?
Author & Illustrator: Kobi Yamada & Mae Besom
Genre: Picture Book
Rating: 4 Stars
This is a perfectly awesome picture book. I’m only picking at it because someone on Twitter highly recommended it for creative people, and it just didn’t rock in that way. LOL!

4: Four Past Midnight
Author: Stephen King
Genre: Supernatural Horror
Rating: 5 Stars
This is a collection of four VERY LONG novellas. Despite the fact that two of these stories waxed quite ridiculous at one point, that ridiculousness worked for the stories. It did take me a couple of years to work my way through all of them, but it was only because I’d read one and then find myself in the mood for something that wouldn’t freak me out. Of course my favorite story in this was “Secret Window, Secret Garden” – inspiration for one of my favorite movies Secret Window, starring one of my favorite actors Johnny Depp. ^_^

5: Astrophysics for People in a Hurry
Author: Neil deGrasse Tyson
Genre: Non-Fiction/Science
Rating: 5 Stars
I listened to the audiobook, and while I usually struggle with audiobooks, I found it interesting enough to hold my attention. Plus, it actually helped me with a couple of details in a couple of futuristic ideas I have. Lucky, lucky.

6: Giant Days, Vol. 5
Author & Illustrator: John Allison & Max Sarin
Inker, Colorist, & Letterer: Liz Fleming, Whitney Cogar, & Jim Campbell
Genre: Comedy, Contemporary, Graphic Novel
Rating: 5 Stars
These are just a lot of fun to read. I found the plot in the earlier volumes a little disjointed at first, but I guess I’ve gotten used to it by now because I adore these! They’re like little episodes, and they make me laugh.

7: Monstress, Vol. 1: Awakening
Author & Illustrator: Marjorie M. Liu & Sana Takeda
Letterist & Designer: Rus Wooten
Genre: Horror/Fantasy, Graphic Novel
Rating: 3 Stars
I don’t even really know what to say about this. It was weird and bloody, and I don’t like the main character at all. I’m still going to read volume two – maybe it’ll be less confusing now that I know what’s going on? I read a review that praised it for it’s girl power. Apparently all the positions of power are filled by women. Honestly, I didn’t even notice. I also don’t care. I just want a good story, but it was interesting – at least the parts I wasn’t confused about.

8: Poisoned Apples: Poems For You, My Pretty
Author: Christine Heppermann
Genre: Fairytale Inspired Poetry
Rating: 5 Stars
Poetry is always so subjective, but I really enjoyed most of these. Some of them made me laugh, in a good way, which was unexpected. Some of them were very relatable. Some of them were quite dark. And of course, some of them I didn’t get at all. Still, I loved the vibe of this and have no complaints.

9: Elphame Realms E-Zine: Issue #2: Something Witchy This Way Comes
Authors: C.K. Brooke, Stephanie Barr, Sara Dobie Bauer, Kai Bertrand, Laura Bickle, Linda M. Crate, Jason D’Aprile, Angela Hartley, Melissa Litwiller, Kyla Stan
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy + 1 poem
Rating: 4 Stars
I didn’t say this in my review, but the last couple of stories in this anthology/zine were lazy AF. Like with the Swan Lake picture book, you can’t just vomit words on the page. They were uninspired to the point it made me actually sad. And now I understand why it’s important to vary your sentence structure, because when you don’t, it makes the reading experience so freaking monotonous. Execution matters, people! That said, the first half of the zine was great. A couple of stories especially had me flailing all over the place, which made it all more disappointing that it ended on such a lackluster note.

10: The Sun Falls Apart
Author: J.W. Alden
Genre: Short Story, Science Fiction
Rating: 5 Stars
This was a great story to end the month on. It was freaking awesome. Darker than I was expecting, in a great way, and the ending was so unexpected! Go support him. It’s only $1, and it’s fantastic.

Reading is pretty much all I wanted to do this month. 😀


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