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2017 Wrap Up & 2018 Goals

Hay!! 😀

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Sooo, we’re getting close to the end of the year, which is always a good time to reflect. Reflection time. 🙂

2017 Goals & Results
1* Hit high note in Phantom of the Opera
I honestly don’t think I can hit that note without some help, but I did get a lot more comfortable in my own range.

2* Save a designated amount of money
Did that.

3* Work on sleep
I did work on this quite a bit, but I will be rolling this goal over to 2018, because I’m not there yet.

4* Cash flow writing expenses
Done and done. 🙂 This goal meant “don’t dip into savings.” I didn’t quite make it as I added extra cover design and editing costs in the last quarter of the year, but I still consider this a success.

5* Publish 2 Books
Also, done and done. 🙂 NO REST FOR THE WICKED out May 10th and WINTER’S SIREN out November 1st.

6* Keep stress to a minimum
I did okay on this. I have a high-stress kind of personality, so it’s an ongoing process, but I’m also rolling this over and making it a very high priority next year, because mental health and all.

7* Read more books!
I did this!! I’m so proud of me. I know there are people who write ten books a year AND read 200+ books, and that makes me feel like a slacker, but I’m happy. And most of them weren’t picture books this time. Picture books totally count, but like, I wanted to read more longer books. So, yay!

2018 Goals
1* Publish 2 Books
This should be doable. WHISPER in the spring and something else in the fall. No pressure though.

2* READ!!
The goal is to exceed this year’s reading goal of 23 books. So I’m shooting for 26, for now. I’m learning to quit books I’m dragging on (or at least set them aside and pick them back up later), and that has helped a lot.

3* Comfortably & consistently hit high note in “Think of Me”
Should be doable. It’s just over the top of my comfort zone. I can hit it, it’s just ugly, so I want to make it pretty, then work on that high note in Phantom again. Baby steps.

4* Continue to work on sleep & stress levels
Slow and steady wins the race or whatever.

5* Visit Coffee Shop
Okay, that one looks strange, but there’s this coffee house I’ve been meaning to get to for like four years – no joke – and I am going to get there next year! The change in scenery will be nice, and I hear great things about this place!

6* Visit Park 
Again, this probably looks strange, but I think it might be nice to get out every once and a while and mill around the park, up my tolerance for fresh air. It’s pretty low right now. 😀

7* Find a conference to attend as an author
I’m not entirely sure about this one, but I want to at least see what my options are and price some stuff. Also, if anyone knows of a good conference to attend or wants to share a table with me at one let me know! It’ll be more fun with a buddy! 😀

I try to keep goals manageable, you know. But I did good this year, I think. 🙂

An immediate goal is to settle on my next project. (hangs head) I literally have four ideas that all look equal parts ready, and I just can’t make a decision!! HELP! LOL! I know I said I was working on a duology, and two of the projects are duologies, and I have been outlining one of them, but ugh, the shine is so strong on these, guys! The project I settled on, like, I’m not settled, yet, you know!

Anywho ^_^

Happy New Year, Everyone!! Cheers to 2018!


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