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Adventures In Editing

Every time I’m in the editing cave, I learn something new about myself. This last go around, I’ve learned that I make a lot of mistakes when I write a story super fast.

I know right. Who knew that could happen?! 😛

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – after all, this is what editing rounds are for, to fix stuff. The good thing is that the mistakes were all pretty minor, meaning I didn’t have to do any major restructuring. The other good thing is that they were sticking out pretty bad. The annoying thing is that there were so many of them! Here are some examples:

Forgetting that a character was someone’s daughter and not their sister-in-law. (seriously)
Putting the same staircase in two different places.
Having torches in a room with no logical way to light them or keep them lit.
Forgetting some of the rules of the magical elements.
Logistical fails in the family tree.
Weird instances of repetition.
Forgetting that this one door leads OUTSIDE and not into another part of the building.

There are a lot more, and the funny thing is, I fixed a lot of the inconsistencies while in drafting mode. I knew I had several more to get, because I couldn’t remember every single little place I needed to fix something, and I didn’t want to stress myself running around trying to find everything. I just didn’t think it’d be as many as it was. By far, this is the most amount of inconsistencies I’ve ever had to clear up.

But at least there weren’t problems with the plot! I can fix minor stuff. Structural stuff is a beast, and I honestly didn’t have time to tackle it with the time frame I’d given myself. It would have had to wait until December, and I would have been stressing in the meantime.

Typically, I do fix stuff as I go. Knowing that I was almost done and would have time to edit before my deadline, I just barreled ahead. The benefit of editing right away is that it’s easier to remember what you were supposed to say, so if you say something really dumb, it usually sticks out pretty bad. Another benefit is the above example. I knew there was a consistency problem, so editing right away means that those things also stuck out pretty bad, because I have a really good memory of the second half of the story still.

The downside is that I didn’t have time to be super objective. But that is coming while I’m away from it this month. That’s not big deal either though. I tend to get objective pretty fast. It comes with the territory of being a wannabe pro. I consider myself an early intermediate writer. 😛 Suzanne Collins would be an early pro. And Neil Gaiman would be a veteran pro. 🙂 I have a long way to go to get there, but because I’ve whipped up so many novels, it’s quite easy to pull the claws out on my work. After all, I do want it to be all shiny and amazing.

The hardest part of editing this last story was the ending. I knew I was rushing it before, but that’s because I really wanted to give myself enough time to edit, and it needed to be finished by a certain day in order for that to happen. That means, however, that my ending was a right wreck. Instead of doing anything fun, I spent hours Halloween night, while I was exhausted and headachy and stuffy, rewriting parts of my ending from scratch. I’m still not confident, but I’ll see what the editor says and see how it flows when I pull the claws out again next month.

I didn’t have any beta readers this go around for a couple of reasons. The first being that it’s November, and again, I just feel like I’m the only who isn’t busy. Like Christmas presents are bagged and wrapped already. I don’t even have shopping to do, outside of the basic stuff. And second, I want the story done quite a bit earlier than necessary so I don’t have to flip flop projects anymore, because seriously, I hate it, so in order to stay relatively stress-free in the writing realm and stay relatively stress-free next year, story needed to go the main editor this month, so I can work on it next month, and get it back from the proofreader by mid-January, so I can be done by the end of January. Also, I’m using a new editor, again, but I feel really good about it for some reason. She’s less expensive than the first editor I used but works at a similar speed.

After this round of editors, I think I’ll be able to make a decision on who I want to use regularly going forward – assuming I continue publishing stuff myself, because I’ll be out of ISBNs after this next book. I have a feeling I will, but I told myself I’d reassess the situation after three books. I may also be trying out Kindle Unlimited soon. Either with Book Two or starting with Book Three, I don’t know yet.

Anywho, hope everyone is staying warm. I won’t complain because it’s been like 40 in Tennessee, but that’s cold for us. 😛


  • Michelle Athy

    It’s been in the 30s this week up here–had to pull my moderately heavy winter coat this week.

    This is for Whisper, right?

    Kindle Unlimited was interesting–of course, the book has to be exclusive to Amazon for it to be in the program, but it lets you set discount prices and free days and it always seemed to raise visibility for my stuff on Amazon and I got a decent number of sales out of it. They’re wide now, though,and it would be seriously annoying to pull them off of the other platforms, so I’ll cross the Kindle Unlimited bridge again next year, I hope.

    • Krystal Jane

      LOL! I didn’t mention the project name once. Yep, for Whisper. ^_^ Editor says she’s sending it back on Friday, so I’m hoping it’s not too wrecked. I’m giving myself plenty of time to work on it though.

      I don’t really want cut off other retailers, but I’ve been wanting to try KU, since I like to try things and all. The curiosity is strong! If it’s not too much work to get it off other platforms, I might put my first book in there for a round, too.

    • Krystal Jane

      Haha. I may have been done for a while, but I bagged the last gift up last week. ^_^

      When I have plot and character issues, I tend to have to rewrite the whole story from scratch. >.<

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