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Book Writing: Technical Stuff

First thing I wanted to say is that I’M FINISHED!! Sorry headphone users. Haha.

I’m 100% finished with WINTER’S SIREN which is insanely exciting. There’s not much going on in the bittersweet department because I realized after I finished my last book that I can read it again whenever I want. Imagine that. 😀

Copies have been ordered for me to paw at, hug, and give away. And I have eBook preorders up everywhere except Amazon, and that will be up around the 1st of October. SO excited!

I feel like it took me forever to proofread, format, and do a final read-through. I know if I told you how long it actually took, a lot of people would look at me cross-eyed, but I swear it took two times longer than it took for my last book! Part of it was because my brain just wouldn’t focus. I really wanted to be drafting, and I was also extremely tired, so I had to take frequent breaks because I could only think clearly for short spells. But yeah, I’m finished!!

So, for formatting, I looked into Draft2Digital. They have a new thing that’s 100% free. You don’t even have to distribute through them, and they’ll make mobi and epub and PDF files for you! That said, it didn’t work for me on the days I was working on my crap – I ended up with the most basic file ever – but I thought I’d pass the info on in case someone else wanted to look into it.

After spending an hour looking at templates from Book Design Templates, I not only decided on the one I had already picked out back in March, but I ended up not even getting it and instead, using a software called Vellum. It’s the same thing I used for the eBook last time. They added a function for print books, and after doing the math and figuring out that I’ll break even on overall formatting costs after four books, I went ahead and dropped the dough. I use the Kindle Paperwhite previewer to do my final read-throughs anyway, and I just couldn’t resist a one-stop formatting shop. That said, I still spent quite a few minutes picking out the perfect icon for the four scene breaks I have. The first one I picked was GIGANTIC. So, I figured out the correct sizing and went into PicMonkey.com to size it so it wouldn’t take up a fourth of the page. I also changed the decor while I was at it because I remembered I had a rose somewhere, and why not? It’s just lovely.

It’s the little things. ^_^

Other technical stuff: I contacted an indie writer by the name of Vivien Reis to figure out how to get my first chapter uploaded to my author site in a digestible way. It’s always worth reaching out to people, I think. I spent about an hour looking at WordPress plugins only to finally just email Vivien and go to bed. She used a column plugin, so I used that to get it situated and then did everything else manually – like the forward and back buttons. It wasn’t that time-consuming, it was just linking back and forth to all the pages that took up the most time. Especially since I had to do that part twice because once I published the pages, none of the links wanted to work.

Anywho, I finally noticed that Word puts a little line on the left side of the document every time a change is made to the document in track changes. I know, right? I swear I’m smart. 😀 Speaking of lines, it’s funny how line editing feels like nitpicking and proofreading feels like fine-tuning. I actually quite enjoyed proofing this go around. 🙂

In swag news, all the swag is ordered!! I can’t wait to get my bookmarks! And I’ll take a picture of everything when it’s all here so you can see!! 😀

In the last bit of technical news, I finalized all the meta-data for the book, and I have to say, picking out categories and keywords was a whole lot easier this time around, so some things definitely get easier. 🙂

What doesn’t get easier is how much stuff there is to do in general. I’m finally making really good use of my planner. Of course, it helps to not put 20 things on any one day as well. I do forget that I need sleep to function, apparently.

Anywho, the giveaway for WINTER’S SIREN is live on Goodreads! Here’s a link to it. Share it if you’d like! ^_^ I’m running two. This first one is going from now until the end of the month.

And I almost forgot, one of the podcasts I listen to is doing a Reader’s Choice thingie HERE – my book is under FANTASY – you can go and give it some votes if you’d like. ^_^

I also have sign ups for my release day stuff – I told you there’s a lot going on, right? You can click HERE or on the banner to jump on that train. Or you can email me. Or tell me to email you. All awesome. ^_^

I have a plan for my next book that won’t involve me juggling so much at once. I’m looking forward to that. LOL!


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