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‌Hey, hey! Firstly, I’m over at Crystal Collier’s today for the Truth & Lie Game! Hop over and laugh at how many times I’ve gotten lost. ^_^

Next up: Announcement Time: “Winter’s Siren” has an official release date and an official blurb! More on that later. I first want to talk a little bit about confidence and gut checking. ^_^

When I made the decision to publish NO REST FOR THE WICKED, the original plan was to wait for my beta to tell me it wasn’t trash and THEN make a decision. But it was like, I either think that thing is good or I don’t. The notes should only serve to make it better. And honestly, I’ve been in the writing game for a little while now, I think I know when I have a ball of crap on my hands. Happy side effect of having so much crap to stand on. ^_^

You, the author, are the first line of defense. A shoddy foundation always caves in on itself. I will see warning signs and an electric fence before I come close to breaking my neck. Bad plot signs. Emotional wreck signs. Bridge out signs. I have to be honest myself and stop. And for my sanity, I have to write something I love. If I do, there’s a universal guarantee that someone else will love it, too. 😀

Sometimes comparison is a good thing. I mostly compare myself to myself – “is this at least as good as the last thing I wrote?” But sometimes I compare myself to someone I think is amazing. I figure, if I can compare my story to theirs and not want to hang it, then that’s good! Hopefully, the beta notes on “Winter’s Siren” won’t be too bad, but I’m fairly confident the story isn’t a train wreck or I wouldn’t be moving forward with it. I’m a somewhat clean writer to begin with, and I learned a lot from my last editor. 🙂

I’m significantly lacking in confidence with “The Puppet Box” right now though. I’m in the “should I dump this” part of the process. I really like what I’ve written whenever I read over it, so I guess I haven’t gotten into a good stride with it yet. I forget in the high of finishing something how often I want to trash something while drafting. I questioned my sanity several times at different points with “Winter’s Siren.” And at one time, I had shelved NO REST FOR THE WICKED. I keep writing “The Puppet Box” because I want to. Just like I wanted to keep writing the other two. Trust the process. 🙂

Now, exciting news! 😀

For the last five years, Fawn has been the star soprano of a secluded opera house, forced to sing for her kidnapper.

His daughter, Devi, waits patiently in the shadows, hiding a face so horrible that no one who’s seen it will look at it again.

As Fawn plots her escape, whispers spread through the shaded corridors of dark sorcery, warning her that she must flee by the next opening night.

But when Fawn draws close to the exit, it’s Devi who’s standing in her way, leading Fawn to suspect that Devi has something to gain if she fails.

(a dark reimagining of Swan Lake)

There are accidental elements of Rapunzel, The Phantom of the Opera, and possibly The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I did take a musical theatre approach with this, but Swan Lake was the sole inspiration, and I think all of those elements are there.

“The Puppet Box” (a horror/very loose reimagining of a folktale that I’ll reveal once the story is complete) has a tentative release date of Spring 2018. Because of the horror elements, I was tempted to publish it in October of next year, but when I was doing publishing research, I discovered that there is no perfect time to publish a book. So…I’ll just publish stuff when they’re ready. 🙂

As of right now, I’m planning on writing “Once There Was Chaos” next – my weird concoction of genres thing that I’m putting a supernatural horror label on. It has a possible publication date of Fall 2018, if it isn’t a giant mess, and if I actually write it next. But I played around with chapter one a little over a year ago now! And the main character has taken to screaming pretty loud in my ear, so I think it’s time to get in that crazy head of hers. ^_^


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