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Release Day Party: No Rest for the Wicked!

YAY! Book is here! To celebrate, I’m interviewing main character Tatum, her cousin Gretchen, and Emmerick, the drifter who lives in their basement. ^_^

Me: So excited! How are you guys?

Tatum: Oh, great. You know. You’re just airing my dirty undies for the world to see.
Gretchen: (laughs) I think she made me look pretty good.
Emmerick: Let’s not forget who’s actual dirty laundry is on display.

Me: That didn’t answer the question, but okay? So tell me, what’s you’re favorite part of this story?

Tatum: The end.
Gretchen: (laughs) I also like the end but for a completely different reason than you, I’m sure.
Emmerick: My favorite was watching Tatum sleep. (winks)
Tatum: (rolls eyes but smiles) Stop it.

Me: Ooh, that whole chapter is one of my favorites! Who’s your favorite other person in the story? Don’t say each other!

Tatum: Fine. I guess that would Mona.
Gretchen: No. Absolutely not her. Can I pick an inanimate object? Like a certain someone’s new truck?
Tatum: No.
Emmerick: (laughs)
Gretchen: I pick my mom then. (eyes grow misty) She’s changed in the best way.
Emmerick: I pick Francessa. I didn’t know her until you made me read the story. I think she might be insane, but I like her a lot.

Me: Yes! Francessa is my favorite, too! After you three, of course. ^_^ What are you most looking forward to now that this leg of the journey is over?

Tatum: This leg? (gives me stink eye)
Gretchen: (laughs) You know what? I think I should get married!
Tatum: No.
Gretchen: I’m old enough to get married.
Tatum: No, you’re not.
Gretchen: Well, then you should get married. Yes! Get married!
Tatum: (hides)
Emmerick: (laughs) I’m looking forward to exploring this new aspect of my life. (winks)
Gretchen: Yes! Everyone get married!
Emmerick: I wouldn’t mind getting married one day.
Tatum: No one is getting married!

Me: Haha. Yeah, no one is getting married right now.

Gretchen: Aww. Sad.

Me: Last question: if I forced you into a sequel, how mad would you be?

Gretchen: I love it! Do it! End with a wedding!
Tatum: No!
Emmerick: (laughs) I don’t know. I would be interested in that. In a sequel, I mean.
Tatum: No. I see what happens. It’s not great.
Gretchen: Oh my god, what happens?
Tatum: Nothing. Everyone lives happily ever after. Everyone gets married.
Gretchen: (eyes her warily) What happens?
Tatum: Don’t date the next guy who asks you out.
Gretchen: WHAT?
Emmerick: I’m okay, right?
Tatum: Sure. Um. Change of subject, please.

Me: Wow…dang it. Now, I’m intrigued. Don’t do this to me. You know sequels make me anxious.

Tatum: Nothing happens.
Gretchen: I’m scared now.
Tatum: You should be.
Gretchen: Tatum!
Emmerick: Hmm…I don’t die, do I?
Tatum: Everyone lives happy ever after. The end. (big smile that scares everyone)

Me: Hmm…

Tatum: Don’t do that. Don’t make that face. I’m not doing it.
Emmerick: Am I dead?
Tatum: Shh. No.
Gretchen: Wait. Am I dead?
Tatum: Gretchen! No one is dead.

Me: I mean, technically, you’re going to go through it whether I write about it or not.

Tatum: True…
Gretchen: Go through what?
Emmerick: I think I’m dead.
Tatum: You’re not dead.
Emmerick: (grins) That’s not comforting.
Tatum: Well..
Gretchen: Don’t tell me. I don’t want to know.
Tatum: I see you getting married to a handsome shiny truck salesman.
Gretchen: Ha. You’re funny.

Well, there you go. My first “successful” character interview. Whew! If you haven’t already, congratulate us on this big step in our publishing journey! I couldn’t do it without my monsters. I love them so much. 💜

Tatum: Monsters?…Hey!

If you’d like to hang out with Tatum, Gretchen, and Emmerick, you can find a copy of the book at your favorite online retailer:


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