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The DIY Publishing Diary: Volume Five

This was a busy month! Since my last update, I’ve gotten to hold physical copies of my books in my hand, and the energy coming off of them feels so good! ^_^ I got proofs from Createspace and NookPress. NookPress uses Ingram/Lightning Source as their printer. In case anyone was wondering about the print quality differences between the two, here are my thoughts:

The print quality in general is very, very similar. Createspace flattened my interior graphics a little, which made them look a little textured. This doesn’t bother me, but NookPress/Ingram didn’t do that. Createspace uses slightly lighter ink and heavier paper, which means the books weigh an ounce more than paperbacks coming from NookPress/Ingram. In both cases, the insides of the book looked great. With the covers, however, Createspace’s cover is more crisp and a bit darker than NookPress/Ingram’s. NookPress/Ingram flattened the cover image a little more, which resulted in an overall slightly lighter appearance. Again, it didn’t bother me, but I did notice it because I’m insane. In the end, I went with the matte covers across the board. It was my only option on NookPress for some reason, but I ended up liking it better than the glossy cover, for this particular story anyway.

So, that was exciting. I would like to say the month was drama free, but there is still so much I don’t know and plenty of mistakes and decisions to make. 😛 Like, should I try Amazon’s KDP print book option now or wait until they let people order proofs and get more bugs out of the system? Should I take bookmarks to Utopia Con this summer and pass them out to people who ask me about my book? Should I hold a Goodread’s Giveaway for my book before or after the release date? Both?

BUT, one less decision to make is what I’m going to do for my Release Day Giveaway!! Kind of. I mean, I have idea, but I haven’t gotten anything yet. Like, nothing. But I have everything ordered, so that’s exciting. 🙂

Then there is the non-writing related question: Just how many times can I play Oregon Trail before I get tired of hunting for food and just let everyone starve to death?

In other exciting news, I had preorder links up for all my distribution channels, for the ebook anyway, by the 10th of the month. To see my book out there with all the other books… 💜 So this month has been filled with finalizing stuff, trying to make final decisions, figuring out launch day stuff, marketing stuff, and brainstorming swag ideas. And I still got most of the giveaway ideas from my sister. Like 95%. This is extra funny to me because I know exactly what I’d like to try and find for giveaways when it comes to the next two books on my list. Haha.

Writing Updates: While I said I was on track to finish “Winter’s Siren” in February, it was a super busy month. However, I did get it finished on the 21st of this month!! (In case you missed last week’s announcement.) First draft: Check! ^_^

I’m going to let it sit for a few weeks or so and try to get “The Puppet Box” drafted by the middle of May. I know right. But I said “try.” It’ll be well on it’s way if nothing else. I’m already over 10k, so it’s coming together. ^_^ I want to start editing “Winter’s Siren” in May so I can get it beta’d in June sometime. I want to stick to some kind of reasonable timeline in case I decide to keep publishing stuff, which it’s looking like I will. The writing has actually been going really well since I decided to do this, so it’s very likely my thing. 😀

I’m toying with the idea of releasing “Winter’s Siren” in November. (Assuming the betas don’t throw it back in my face because they hate it so much.) I’ve also been toying with a 7 month release schedule. I’m thinking, May, January, September? Someone tell me I’m not crazy. ^_^

Also, I’ve just discovered: last week was my 300th post! 😀



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