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The DIY Publishing Diary: Volume Two

The productivity high wore off this week, leaving me feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and like I hadn’t learned anything over the past month. This is when I decided to stop adding new things to read and do and just work with what I already had. This didn’t include articles, but it did include new books and webinars – I could always read more stuff later. Now, I really needed some sleep, and I really wanted to catch up on the few shows I watch. I kept up with Youtube, which was great, but I do like watching TV, too.

This week, I also did beta edits on my own novel and sent it off to my editor. I also got the bones of my author page up and started work on my current writing project. All good and exciting things. But I figured I had taken the work-a-holic gene a little too far when I caught a cold mid-October. It didn’t slow me down, because it was “just” a head cold, but I don’t get sick a lot, so I figured my body was trying to tell me slow down.

You know those people who get so busy they forget to eat? That’s me. I had been so busy, I didn’t realize I was exhausted and frying my brain until I stopped to pee, which fortunately, I can’t forget to do.

I developed an official marking plan and to-do list, starting 6 months out (December 1st) and carrying over until 1 month post launch (mid-June). This took a great deal of stress off of me, because it showed me that I really did have some grasp on what I was doing, and it broke everything down into manageable steps, leaving me far less overwhelmed.

The official to-do list gives me November off, since I figured the heaviest amount of editing would be this month, and it would give me time to recover from acting like a crazy person. 😛

With the bulk of my to-do list taken care of, I spent the week finishing up some beta reading, because in true me fashion, if I didn’t finish up by the end of October I would cry. Seriously. I had a fun dump of emotions this week, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I got beta notes sent off Saturday morning, and spent the rest of the day doing nothing, which was great. Then I went to a Loreena McKennitt concert that Sunday night. I honestly didn’t want to go because I’m a hermit and would be around these people for like hours, but of course, the concert was good, and they’re great people or they wouldn’t be my friends. It’s just the thought sometimes because the next day was Halloween which meant more socializing, and I almost had a panic attack, but that’s okay.

This is where I entered the fun down phase before stuff picks back up again. So, not much going on right now except browsing forums, tiny bits of formatting research, listening to podcasts, and my regularly scheduled programming of reading, writing, editing, blogging, and watching Youtube & Hulu. 🙂 Still busy, but not extra busy. I also finally finished up the last of the self-publishing books I started reading last month. Finally. I did break my no new crap rule once to listen to a free audio book while I browsed through a bunch of links I’d opened from the APE book, but it’s okay because I was multitasking. 😛

I’m prone to overworking, so that was going to happen regardless. However, if I was going to start this over again, I would make a to-do list from the get-go. Breaking things down into steps always makes them more manageable. I was juggling 15 different things at once, so of course I melted half my brain. But I’ve learned a lot, and I’m happy, so it’s all good. 🙂

I got my first round of edits back on Monday! Should be a lot of fun (#notbeingsaracastic). I don’t have any gigantic changes to make, but I only have two weeks so I can’t spend too much time processing notes. But also in related news, I crossed 20k on the new project Tuesday morning!! Yay!

And here’s a nice quote I found the other week (great art provided by Picmonkey – #onlyhalfbeingsarcastic):



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