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Dance of the Setting Fairy – Part Two

In true me fashion, I changed what story I’m going to work on next after making an official announcement. Lol! I’ve been working on the current project for a few weeks now, but it’s not “The Puppet Box” as I originally intended, in case you didn’t notice its absence in the sidebar. Despite the fact that probably half of the story was already outlined, I have had to change a few things, and those changes have rendered the outline largely, but not entirely, unusable. I was dying to write and didn’t want to wait on a fix, so it’s been pushed back. But everything is good now, and it will very possibly be next. ^_^

I had a feeling this would happen back in September at the writing conference. I mentioned in that post how I had no idea what Puppet Box main character Riley wanted. Yet, when I was in that characterization panel, I could jot down all kinds of information and motivations for Fawn and Devi – the point-of-view characters in “Winter’s Siren.” Yes, that was a problem.

But having to change projects after I made up my mind happens to me all the time. “Winter’s Siren” – the retelling that has taken “The Puppet Box’s” place in the queue line – had a similar “not ready” feel in February. The same thing happened with “No Rest for the Wicked” last year. So yeah, this is totally normal. Doesn’t happen all the time, but does happen a whole bunch. ^_^

Anywho, to piggy back on “The Puppet Box’s” setting fairy post, I thought I’d post another one for “Winter’s Siren.” 😀

Of course, naturally, after choosing real places for “No Rest for the Wicked” and “The Puppet Box,” I have a pseudo-modern day story that takes place in the middle of nowhere with “Winter’s Siren.” And I mean nowhere. You have no idea what state you’re in, only that you’re in mid-west America. Because I tell you.

Now, as the omniscient writer-personage, I have an idea (haha), but the reader won’t know because the narrators don’t know. They just know there is an open field and a bunch of trees and snow and mountains in the not so distant distance. Which is why I’m thinking like, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana region? Lots of empty space and trees and mountains out there. The kind of place you can get totally lost in, if say, someone tried to escape from somewhere. 😈 Which is half of the point…

I am 90% sure I’m going with Colorado though, in case I actually need to mention where I am. And luckily, I just so happen to have a writing friend in Colorado, who keeps me updated on their kind of funky weather patterns.

The retelling origins are still classified, but there are some definite undertones from both The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Rapunzel. Also, as mentioned in a previous post, the vast majority of this story takes place within an opera house!! Like I need an excuse to put The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack on repeat. ^_^

Naturally, this is very exciting! There isn’t a complex underground network of tunnels and staircases like in The Phantom, but I have a stage and backstage and dressing rooms and music!! I am, at best, an extremely novice songwriter, but I am working on expanding the lyrics for a few of the opera songs I wrote for the story. The opera being performed therein is called “Frozen Songbird,” and it has a little bit of a Rapunzel vibe itself, which would be a spoiler if you could read my mind. 😛

There is an almost title song called “Frozen Night,” that I absolutely love. If I could sing like Sarah Brightman, it would sound amazing! But my favorite song is called “See,” and that is actually the big aria for the opera. It’s the song that will follow most of the patrons home after the show, and I certainly enjoy singing it a great deal. If I were a brave person, I’d record myself singing it and upload it. ^_^

It’s definitely great to be in happy drafting land again! Except for the chunks of time I’ll also be in happy editing land again with “No Rest for the Wicked.” 😊

Just Because ^_^


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