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Dance of the Queue Fairy

So, I mentioned last week, I think, how I’ve already picked out the story to follow “The Puppet Box.” If you happened to stroll through the sidebar or the Writing Projects Garden, you will have seen it already, one working title “Winter’s Siren” aka “Songbird.” 😀 Yeah, I know, after all the hoop-la I spit about picking a next idea super early, I’ve gone and done it again. Well, if I don’t write this story I’ll die!! (Disclaimer: Krystal Jane is just being dramatic.) 

Given how long it takes some of my ideas to grow into something writeable, I figured, why not force all super shiny ideas to the back of the queue line? After the shiny wears off, it’s several months before I start writing them anyway. If I know an idea is ready, or should be ready soon, why not push those to the front of the line? It’ll take some of the post-drafting pressure off of my brain. Instead of diving into the plot bunny field to see what’s ready, I can just look to the queue line and refill it between projects. ^_^

Anywho, one of the greatest things about “Winter’s Siren” is that I finally have an idea my mom likes!! She’s never liked ANY of my ideas!! She’s usually confused or disturbed or both. And she is disturbed by this, too, but she likes it!

Okay, enough exclamation points, but this is very exciting. Haha. ^_^

I almost picked this to work on next, but I can tell it needs a little bit more baking. That said, it is very solid and will be quite amazing to look at when it’s finished. (thumbs up)

Like “The Puppet Box” – the origins of “Winter’s Siren” are still classified. That said, I would consider this a pseudo-modern day retelling, whereas “The Puppet Box” is a very modern day reimagining. If you’re familiar with the source material, there should be a few parallels, though when I told my mom about it, she pointed out some similarities to The Phantom of the Opera!! That’s because one of the main characters is an opera singer. ^_^ So, the setting is, you guessed it, a theatre.

Why am I just now doing something like this now?! Or…now-ish?

“Winter’s Siren” is dual first person point of view, something I vowed to never do again after I tried it in high school once and stank at it. Lol! But ya know, things change. Besides, I’ve already written a couple of chapters, and it’s going to work out really well. Plus, the defunct “Inescapable” from earlier this year was dual 1st person, and it worked out perfect (that aspect anyway), which was one of the main reasons I wanted to write that story so bad. I wanted to see if I could pull it off without it being confusing. I’m not sure the “Inescapable” rewrite is going to follow suit, but I can’t tell anything right now as that story is a ball of tangled mush at the moment.

No matter, I’m patient-ish.

spreads sparkly confetti everywhere!!

I hope everyone has something exciting going on in writing land!! It’s been a while since I’ve been this over the moon about writing. It’s really good to be back on this side of the looking glass. ^_^ And no, that’s not a hint (for anyone who gets it), but yes it is funny given the topic of this post. 😀

The Dictionary According to the Narcissistic Rose
Re-imagin-ing = a story that is purposely heavily inspired by or is loosely based on old folklore, legend, or something else* and may or may not have anything in common with the source material while still sharing a similar feel and/or elements.

Re-tell-ing = a story that is purposely heavily inspired by and loosely or largely based on old folklore, legend, or something else* and may or may not share many common elements or plot points.

(*something else being classic movies, ballets, operas, musicals, plays, Shakespeare, mythologies, and the like)

I know right. ^_^

Pseudo-Modern Day = a story that takes place in a non-distinct modern day setting, meaning it’s modern day, but it’s almost impossible to tell exactly how modern. For example, it could be 1987 or 2072.

Very Modern Day = a story that quite obviously takes place in the present day or very near future. For example, it could be 2013 or 2025.

^_^ #brainstorminglikeaboss


  • Tonja Drecker

    Yay for diving in excitedly into a new story! The definitions are interesting…I’d never heard of re-imaging. As a Phantom of the Opera fan, I think it’s great your diving in that direction. I’m shoving everything aside that I’ve been writing away on for a bit and working on something new. I feel like I’ve been working too long on the others and that a break could do them some good. But that could change again 😉 See you at the sprints!

    • Krystal Jane

      You haven’t! I think the real definition (LOL!) is more like the same story told in a completely different way, whereas a regular retelling shares at least one plot point with the original, like Cinderella losing her shoe. “The Puppet Box” has absolutely nothing in common with it’s source material, but “Winter’s Siren” absolutely does. 🙂

      Nothing wrong with taking a break at all!! Magic happens on breaks. 😀

    • Krystal Jane

      Haha. It’s a running joke that I have different definitions for stuff sometimes. I call it my right as a lifelong English Major. LOL!

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