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Pretty Puppet Theatre

It’s been official for a little while now, but today is the official announcement of my next shiny idea!! (insert balloons and streamers here) ^_^

To refresh, I was choosing between two retellings and a trippy paranormal. Turns out, the trippy paranormal is also a retelling! When I chose it, I cracked open the story notes I had for it and VOILA – retelling. Kind of. So I got exactly what I wanted without even trying!! And it was such a relief, too, because I was missing some important information for one of my characters, and there it was. 🙂 Obviously, I hadn’t looked at the notes since I made them. Like, last year sometime. I still really want to write the other two, but they’re not ready yet. ^_^

It’s not quite time to unveil the story behind the story, but I will say the following: 1) it’s a very loose retelling/reimagining/pseudo-continuation, meaning I’m probably going to have to tell people what inspired it, which is fine, and 2) it’s based on lore that’s based on legend, and to this day there are still weird laws in effect because of it. Very interesting stuff. 😀

Anywho, the official title is “The Puppet Box.” So, I shouldn’t have any post-draft title woes to worry about. Yay, finally! 😀 Genre is obviously paranormal. Paranormal with a horror flair. 🙂 Here is a sorta benign-looking Puppet Theatre for your visual enjoyment. 🙂 I have to say, if you want to creep yourself out before going to bed, Google “puppet boxes.” (shiver)

This is another idea that I’m not sure how long I’ve actually had, and there is no way to tell because I write all of my ideas down like an insane person. On top of that, they are all lumped together on a list and not in the order they came to me. I tend to put the newer ideas near the top, but not always – it depends on how excited I am about the idea when it comes to me, and then sometimes I move stuff around. I don’t separate them from the list until it starts taking up too much space and/or I’m ready to work on it. This is exactly why I write them all down though. You never know what will spawn into something pretty! 🙂

Speaking of titles, I’m stuck with “Legion” as my title through PitchWars and querying. I literally cannot think of anything decent that doesn’t have “darkness” or “shadows” in the title, and if you’re familiar at all with paranormal, you know how badly I want to avoid those words. Grr. But I’ve had worse working titles, so it’s okay. I do like “Legion” and it does fit, it’s just not amazing. At least it sounds ominous. But I have “The Puppet Box” and that really almost makes up for it. Simple is best sometimes. ^_^

And yep, yep, I finished the first round of editing on Sunday!!! Yay! So exciting!! So in love!! 💜 And I had just so much fun. I can’t wait to read it again. Lol! 

And speaking of PitchWars – submissions start today – and yep, I submitted already. 😛 No point in twisting myself into a pretzel though. The mentees won’t be announced until the 25th, so I’m not going to be stressed for three weeks. I have a shiny idea to organize (yay!). I hope to start drafting “The Puppet Box” somewhere between now and the end of the month or so. And I already have my next idea lined up after this, too. And nope, I’m not changing my mind. It’s official. Can’t wait. Zoom, zoom!  😀

For anyone curious, “The Puppet Box” is about a puppet box. (Haha!!) And “Legion” is about a psychic who gets entangled with some creatures. The idea was birthed out of my own sometimes paranoid feelings about the dark. Why not take my crazy thoughts and turn them into a book? Why not take my irrational fear of puppet boxes and turn that into a book? Why not take old stories that I love SO MUCH and turn them into modern day monstrosities of themselves?!

Why not? ^_^


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