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The Land of Neverending Moutains

The writing journey – whether drafting, editing, trying to pick out a title or a new idea, whatever – is filled with hills and valleys and swamps and quick sand and storms and well, you get the point. But it’s all worth it. 🙂

In title news, I’m officially on the title rollercoaster with “Legion.” I’m tentatively thinking of retitling it “Unrest.” I’d like to call it “No Rest for the Wicked” but I’m afraid that’s me thinking things are funny again that may or may not actually be funny. Haha.

But speaking of, one of the mountains I recently tackled was the chip I had on my shoulder after a story I wrote once upon a time ago, one “From Out of the Ashes” – a paranormal/horror hybrid with a concept after my own heart. It was something that would go in the Horror section of Barnes & Noble (my dream!), if it wasn’t a piece of crap.

I wrote that thing in 2008, and for 8 years I’ve had a chip on my shoulder about it. In the back of my mind, I kept wondering if I would ever write something I loved that didn’t have a vampire in it. I know there’s “Discord” but “Discord” is YA (the only YA I’ve written that is decent, so it has that trophy), but “From Out of the Ashes” isn’t YA, so to me, the playing field isn’t equal, and I must have equilibrium!! 😀

I’m finally at peace with that story. With “Legion” I have proof now that I can write something I love, that might actually be kind of good, and there isn’t a single damn vampire in sight. We all know I love my vampires, but I wrote about those things for over a decade. I needed to write a good non-vampire story for myself. Girl needed a break.

So, this was a major milestone for me. Another tier up in the old writing journey. On to the next, battle, right? ^_^

I don’t know how much I’m going to let this influence what story I work on next, but I do have another small chip on the shoulder: a retelling. Some of you might know I’ve been trying to write a retelling for, oh, I’d say probably 4 years now. And every single one has fallen on its face. I did figure out a great fix for the problem I was having, but just a few months ago, I had to re-plot yet another retelling idea.

This isn’t bothering me as much as the the “From Out of the Ashes” fiasco. I’ve only recently, like in the last year or so, starting pursuing it more aggressively. But a retelling is on the agenda.

I’ve reached the point where I’m poking around the plot bunny field for my next idea. It helps sometimes to have an idea I really want to write chasing after me while I’m editing. Because I have extreme dragging-my-feet-syndrome. To help me make a decision, I drew ideas out of the Triwizard Cup again. ^_^

This doesn’t mean my choice was left to chance – quite the contrary. If the thought of working on a story makes me frown, or if there are certain ideas that I’m hoping I draw out, then that helps me get rid of the ideas that I just think are interesting and latch on to the ones that I’m actually excited about. I won’t tell you how many slips of paper are in the cup. Too many.

As of last night, (after bugging my siblings about it for the second day in a row yesterday), I have the list narrowed down to two strong ideas and two weaker ideas, meaning, two of them are exactly what I’m looking for and two of them are still screaming for attention even though they’re not doing much of anything. I made the decisions based on confidence level, level of excitement, and whether I have a clear picture of the end or not or think I could get a clear picture of the end with some targeted brainstorming. Gotta know where I’m going! Even in if I don’t know how to get there. I also need to like where I’m going.

“Blackbird Manor” is still on the discussion table, but after talking to my sister about the planned 11 POVs, she brought up a really good point. It happens. 🙂 I think it would work it was necessary, but there’s a reason I haven’t gotten any further on it, and I think this POV issue is it. That many POVs is not necessary to tell the story, and I also don’t want to tackle that many POVs, so that settles that. Lol!

It’s also not something I would work on exclusively. I always planned to write it in the background, so that probably isn’t going to change. It’s kind of an experiment. 😀 This leaves me with two reimagining ideas and one really fun and trippy idea.

Hopefully, excitement over these bunnies 💜 will help push me forward a little faster, and hopefully, while I’m editing, I’ll latch on to something. I’d love to knock another draft out this year. Make up for last year. 😛


  • Sunflower Michelle

    I tend to get one big idea that develops over time like a hurricane–it takes a while, I start dreaming about it, then I have enough details and ideas that I need to keep a notebook on it or lose it all. And then as I go along, I’ll have smaller blips of plot bunnies along the way. You have to see which one of the ideas won’t let you go and which one’s the loudest! I can’t really work on one more than one idea at a time, so I go with which one seems the most ready.

  • Thea Landen

    The title rollercoaster, you say? I have no experience with that at all. NOPE! Not me!

    I also feel you on the decision of what to write next. Luckily, I still have a ways to go on my current project, but once that’s done, there are a few contenders fighting to get to the top of the list.

    • Krystal Jane

      I know right?! Titles are the bane of my existence. >.< Everytime I make a decision on what to write next I change my mind again five minutes later. Lol! I do appreciate having good options though. 🙂

  • Tonja Drecker

    You’ll find the perfect title…I know it 🙂
    As to plot bunnies-they are hoppity things. I usually shove them off into the stew pot for awhile and see if they hold up for a few months. If they show promise, the outlining and first chapters begin. Lol! But even if they get that far, that doesn’t mean they’ll ever appear complete on a platter. Good luck!

    • Krystal Jane

      Thank you! That is so true!! It helps to know I have a good backup if the next idea doesn’t work out. Some of these ideas have been baking a little while, but that’s okay. 😀

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