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Writing Uphill

Okay, so it happened. That moment where I get to the middle of the story and completely lose my shiz.

Yep. I hit the beginning of May, and the middle of my story, and I completely freaked out. I got over the first freak out.ย Then I had another one. You know how you write when you’re tired sometimes? That happened. And for some reason, I just KNEW it was horrid! So, I went back and read over it and tried to tweak some things, and I didn’t want to, subconsciously, because I wasn’t feeling it, I just wanted to move on, but I did it anyway, cause, crazy.

However, aside from some seriously badly written sentences, the actual content was exactly what I was going for. RELIEF! Still, I’ve flagged that chapter in my revision notes, just in case. ๐Ÿ˜› It also helps me move on.

It’s quite funny how I have no idea what I’m writing sometimes. Half of the things in my revision notes end up being things I’ve already done. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

So what did I do whilst I was freaking out for too many days?! I read “As A Man Thinketh” by James Allen. My brother loaned it to me. It’s not my cup of tea, but hey! Another book crossed off the list, because those 28 pages totally count as a book! I also stalked some forums and played around with some HTML because that is entertainment and I’m a nerd. :mrgreen:

SLOOOWLY, I crawled out of this second slump by doing some word sprints with Tonja! and reading progress posts by Sunflower Michelle & Michelle T. ๐Ÿ˜€ Inspired by them,ย I dragged my butt over my document for more reading/light editing, both to make sure it was okay because I was also tired when I wrote that (and so was my character – haha), and also to reorient myself and remember what the crap I was doing because I left off in the middle a scene, of course. Story of my writing life. Always freaking running off in the middle of things.

It wasn’t the best stopping point, but I did remember what I was doing, thank goodness, because my outline is too vague to help. Lol! But reading it over did help. And it usually does. Which is why I do it. I read over the entire story when I picked it back up again, after all. But it was only like 7 chapters or something. And they’re awesome. ๐Ÿ˜›

Speaking of, I feel truly lucky that the story and character beasts are still in my head. I loved “Big Magic” and all, but that book had me a teensy bit paranoid over some ideas that I’ve been away from for too long. (Like, I’ve totally been afraid that they would run off on me.) Haha.

As they say, whoever they are, Your Mileage May Vary, and I am fortunate to have a cast of mini Frankenstein monsters who stick around. (hugs massive heap of beasts) ^_^

But that is how this goes, right? Sometimes we write uphill. After all, that’s how we get to the fun downhill parts. And the final line in “As A Man Thinketh” is “Peace be still!” Or part of the final line anyway, insomuch as I can remember. ๐Ÿ™‚

And there was some other quote I ran into while I was being crazy. It went something like, “Stop thinking so much.” It was a bad, bad vampire movie with a vampire dude who suddenly starts killing college kids for no reason, but that was hilarious.ย Lol! Anyway, that was an actual good line said by the handsome vampire guy. The girl was fencing and she was supposed to be all great and stuff. But then she got self-conscious and started sucking it up.

Oh, you know what I just got…she was a fencer, and she had to stake the vampire guy at the end. LOL! I totally missed that. Makes so much more sense now that she would have a chance, because she had the most pathetic everything.

Anyway, they were fencing, just the two of them, and he said something along the lines of, “Go with your instincts. Stop thinking. Just action.” Or something like that. I should have written it down verbatim. But I was like, “Yeah, I totally need to think less.” (says me and all writers and everyone who has ever known us)ย So, yeah. I thought that was nice.

In any case, I’m past the halfway mark!!! Whoo hoo! AND according to my notes, I have about one more hill to climb before I’m on the final ride down!ย ^_^


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