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Dance Moms: The Trainwreck

Anyone who knows me knows that when I’m neck deep in a story, the first thing I cut out is television. So I don’t watch much TV. Less to pile up on me when I’m in a writing hole. But I especially don’t watch a lot of reality TV. I gave up on the value of that the first time I watch The Real World on MTV. I don’t know what season it was, but I never watched it again.

I watched one season of The Bachelor because I heard the bachelor that year was from Nashville. (GO TN!) I also never watched that again. My sister got me into Project Runway, but when they extended it to a brain numbing hour and a half long, we quit watching. Like I wanted an extra 30 minutes of drama. I was watching because I love sewing and I loved the mini fashion show at the end.  A lot of people don’t know this, but I once wanted to be a writer/fashion designer. I carried that dream until I was a senior in high school and felt I had to choose. I chose writing easy. I could, after all, sew on the side. I could not write on the side. Writing was my entire identity.

Speaking of my sister, she got me into Dance Moms. She loves dance. We go to the ballet every year. Unfortunately, the show is called Dance MOMS. So, even though they have the performances at the end that are often very good, there is 45 minutes of horrible crap that I have to wade through to get to it. My sister stopped watching over a year ago. She couldn’t take it anymore. I held on until 2 episodes into the current season.

Frankly, the constant screaming and manufactured drama just grates on my nerves. If they were really fighting, security would step in. I know this because they have, and it wasn’t entertaining, it was scary. The damage those moms are doing to their children is disgusting. But I don’t care about that. I care about my nerves. And I hate yelling. I completely tense up when people are yelling. And I know I’m far from the only one.

Focus on what you can control, right? I couldn’t control the show, so I stopped watching it. What was the point of even fast forwarding through it all the time? Most of the dances are uploaded to Lifetime’s YouTube page. (And seriously, I had gotten to the point where I was fast forwarding through most of the show.)

The thing is, my sister had a problem with Abby. I didn’t even have a problem with Abby. My problem has only always been the NOISE. Even the moms I didn’t like, I could deal with them and the nagging and the complaining and the stupidness, as long as they weren’t yelling. But every season the show gets louder. It’s like a toddler. They think the louder they scream the better. But all they are really doing is deafening their parents and making the rest of us wish we could kick them out of the store.

The other thing is, I hate manufactured drama. Even if I’m watching a drama – I hate drama for the sake of drama. Like, when you KNOW two people are going to end up married because it’s based on a true story, but the writers insist on dragging it out anyway, and making up stupid uncharacteristic barriers anyway. I hate that. If it makes sense, it’s totally fine. I’m talking about when it doesn’t make sense.

I watched this other Lifetime show, Drop Dead Diva. You knew the plus-sized lawyer girl was going to end up with the cutie pants lawyer guy, Grayson, eventually. But near the end of the series, when they ran Grayson over with a car FOR NO DAMN REASON right before he was about to propose JUST to drag it out a little bit longer? That’s when I was sick. There was no reason to do that. And I still hate them for it.

Having her try to move on with the judge guy was TOTALLY FINE. Her kissing Grayson at both her wedding to the judge AND his wedding to some saucy intellectual was TOTALLY FINE. All of that was completely understandable and the fun kind of drama. But killing Grayson just to bring him back in some weirdo prisoner’s body was NOT OKAY. It was gross.

The legitimate drama of crazy moms was fine. Helicopter moms are, after all, insane by nature, and that can be hilarious. It was all the over the top yelling and storming out. And ugh, don’t even get me started on the moms individually. One of them has had a personality change over the course of the series that just makes her disgusting to look at now. Reality TV fame turns people into monsters. Hideous pus-filled-warts-covered monsters.

Actually, not always. There is a reality TV star in my very own city! I thought she was snotty before, but I respected that because she wasn’t fake, and I don’t mind snootiness anyway. Having her own TV show has made her a nicer person. Lol! I’m so serious. She shops where I work and she would barely acknowledge my presence before. Now that she thinks I watch the show, and I did watch the first season (because, hello, local!), she will actually smile at me and speak to me if I talk to her. So sometimes, shining a light in people’s faces makes them better. Or at least relaxes them a little. Sometimes. Plus, she came off as really sane and cool on the show, unlike some other members of her family, one of which also shopped where I work before she moved – she looked right crazy on TV. She was also super fake before, so while she was nicer, I didn’t like her. I’d take a snot over a fake any day. 🙂


  • Sunflower Michelle

    Not much of a TV watcher these days, except old episodes of Law and Order and Chopped. I don’t know why, but the Food Network is what I put on the most to amuse myself. That, and finding random history docs on PBS. And Outlander. I can’t seem to follow TV dramas so well anymore–I get bored in the middle of a season or I miss a few episodes and don’t know what’s going on or whatever. Besides, I’d rather read.

    My standard answer to anyone asking if I watch (Insert TV Show Here) is “No.”

    • Krystal Jane

      I’ve seen a lot of Chopped at my parent’s. They get so creative! I like HGTV. Lol! I don’t have it, but I watch a couple of things online. I lean the most towards comedies since they’re relatively drama free. It’s funny too because I’m really dramatic.

  • Tonja Drecker

    I watch a little Netflix now and then, but always less and less. Drama TV was never my thing. I’ve seen a couple episodes here and there but don’t like it. Real life is dramatic as it is; why would I want to watch other people’s escalated drama? My daughter was into Dance Moms, so I’ve gotten glimpses. Horrid people who have no manners and are totally selfish-definitely not my wave length (although the dance scenes are awesome!). As to the unnecessary drama in stories, that irritates me in books too…fake drama feels fake.
    Lol! And that you’re into sewing is great! My favorite store as a teen was the cloth store, and I used the 2nd hand clothes from my cousins and redesigned it when I was in high school. My machine broke last Fall 🙁 (after 20 some years), so I’ve been on sewing pause until I find one I love again-something halfway cheap, extremely reliable and basic…who uses all of those fancy stitches??? My search continues! 😉

    • Krystal Jane

      My thoughts exactly! I have enough crap in my head. And yeah, I don’t like it in books either. So irritating. Right now I’m not on Netflix much, but when this story is done, I’ll probably be glued to it for two weeks. Lol!

      I love that you redesigned those clothes!! That’s so awesome! I like making things from scratch. I got a pseudo fancy sewing machine a few years back. Thing has a button maker on it. It’s pretty wild. ^_^

  • Crystal Collier

    There’s a reason we don’t watch TV anymore. Actually, if we want to watch something, we download it or rent it. That means we burn NO time by flipping channels or programming a tivo. The hubby hates reality TV, and that’s probably good. Less drama for me. I get enough of that with the kids.

  • Thea Landen

    We used to be big Teen Mom watchers in this house. (*goes to hide in the corner*) These days, though, I barely have any time to watch any TV. I read something today claiming we’re in a “golden age of television”. I really wouldn’t know either way!

    • Krystal Jane

      LOL! ^_^ A golden age? All I know is that there is too much to choose from and it’s overwhelming so I rather not try at all. 😀

  • Karla

    Oh goodness. Some shows I just can’t. Reality TV can be horrible, but my guilty pleasure is The Real Housewives of Atlanta and of Orange County. Can’t help it lol.

  • Elise Fallson

    I am so not a reality tv fan for all the reasons you mentioned. We don’t even get tv reception (by choice) at our house. We watch DVDs (usually for the kids) and watch a few tv series on the computer. Plus, I don’t think I have the patience to sit through all the adverts anymore. Right now, we watch shows like Arrow, Flash, Shield, and GOT, but we’re addicted to Blindspot, and Grimm. I should really cut out my screen time to write. Like you said, it takes up time where I could be writing….but sometimes I just need to unplug the brain. 🙂 And look!!! I’ve finally gotten my comment to post properly!!!!

    • Krystal Jane

      Yay! ^_^ I like to unplug my brain with TV, too. 🙂 And I don’t have patience for most ads either. It’s fine if they’re entertaining, but most of them are just annoying.

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