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Pocketful of Stories

I wanna do a story update cause I’m excited!! ^_^

Plus, I know you are all DYING to know. Now, disclaimer: I’m totally not drafting multiple stories at once. I only wanted to get a couple of other things started since starting from scratch is the hardest part of any story for me. 

So, first up: “Once There Was Chaos” aka The Chaos Story 🙂 – Originally this was a fairy tale retelling, led by a college student named Tatum Skovgaard (who’s first name I hijacked from a story I had pretty much given up on – more on that later). I liked this Tatum, but unfortunately, I felt like moving forward with the story as it was would be a mistake, so before I got too attached to it, I pushed her aside, and the fairy tale elements, also unfortunately, had to go with her. Maybe later?

The good new is that I was able to keep the rest of the elements and the basic premise in tact, so now the story is veering off into a much better direction, and it’s now led by a young wanderer named Kotara, no last name. She came with a story that only had half a plot of its own, so when I asked myself if I could combine the two ideas, she was there, suddenly, completely wedged in, without permission. 🙂 So naturally, I love her for that. Plus, getting to know her has given me some great ideas for the restructured plot! Because I changed direction without warning, this idea needs a tad bit more baking so it’s been pushed back, but I’m still really excited about it and hope it’s ready to go soon. ^_^ #partyinglikedrfrankenstein

In the meantime, I also wanted to get the ball rolling on “Blackbird Manor” aka The Blackbird Story 🙂 – The thing that’s complicated about this is that it’s told from the point of view of no less than eleven different people between ages 13 to 52 (yep, yep). I’ve been dragging my feet on this thing since Thanksgiving. It’s intimidating! I know right, like, how is that going to work? You’ll see. 🙂 I had a difficult time starting, due in part to intimidation, but also because I haven’t done multiple POVs in two years, and it’s like I’ve forgotten how. Haha. But once I remembered that it’s about them, the characters, I was able to get it rolling.

The plan from the get go with this was to write it between projects giving how the structure is so different from what I normally do. It is an experiment, and the pressure is low, but I have a really good feeling about it. I think it’ll turn out great. I just have to, you know, write it. So to keep myself from freaking out, I’m taking my super sweet time with it. #stylinglikearockstar

Then, lastly & not leastly, is my current, current project, currently going by the name of “Untitled: Legion” aka That story with the creatures in it (LOL!) 😀 – This is told from the point of view of a psychic named Tatum Torabi. Yep, the original Tatum. I got this idea last summer. For months prior, this same scene played over and over again my head, and it scared me, but it didn’t start making sense until I figured out that I could harness my irrational fear into something creative.

However, I ran into a problem when I couldn’t figure out how to end the story. Before I ruined it, I set it aside, and months later, when I finally decided that I HAD to work on what I really wanted or die inside, I peeked to see if the original Tatum was in her compartment (LOL!) and if she would talk to me if she was, and they were ALL there, waiting patiently for me to get my shiz together. I was so relieved, because I’ve never jacked a character’s name before and then went back to tried to talk to them. But she just kind of looked at me like, “There’s only one Tatum.” Like she knew I’d be back. Haha. #ballinlikeadiscoball

So, yeah. 🙂 I have some stuff to keep me busy anyway. And now that I have some focus, I’ve been poking at some other broken down ideas to see if I can do anything with them now that I’ve gotten back on track. There are some good things happening in brainstorming land, y’all! Three failed ideas are starting to come together (at last!), and the last story I finished, I think I called it “The Inescapable” – that story is getting rewritten from scratch, but I’m like so freaking excited about it. I stripped away the stuff I didn’t like, and I’m going back to the original direction I had for it. So, between everything, I should be busy for awhile.

I know it sounds like I’m rolling in ideas, but really, these have all been in my head for a while, some for three years, and four of them are stories that I’ve already tried to write in some capacity. So really, I’m just recycling my failures because everyone is still in the old noggin (surprisingly). But yeah, I’m still totally rolling in ideas. 😛


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