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The Realm of Chapter Titles

It’s been a long time since I’ve finished a story with chapter titles. I had some for an idea from a couple of years ago, but the ending just wasn’t something I was excited about – I gotta be excited about that ending!!

Anywho, I’m going to try for chapter titles again. Chapter One is “Once Upon A Time.” (LOL!) It’s hard to really have anything else at this point as that is the only chapter I’ve written so far. I have a tentative title for chapters two through five – Chapter Four is “Do I Know You From Somewhere” but I have to wait and see what happens. I’m not really going for hints. I’m just going for a kind of fairy tale feel. Like, if it was Snow White, Chapter Five could be “Like So Many Sheep” –ย when the evil queen decides to have Snow White slaughtered in the woods like a baby lamb. Get it? Haha. (pause for maniacal laughing fit)

I’d thought it’d be fun. But YES! I have one chapter done, FINALLY after staring at my opening paragraph for…a while. All month. Really. Last Wednesday, I decided it didn’t have the right feeling, so I added a paragraph on top of my previous paragraph, and then I really liked it! And then I still proceeded to stare at it some more until Sunday afternoon. Who knows why.

I also had a slight age change, kind of, sort of. At conception, dear MC Tatum Skovgaard was a directionless college student of about 19. I couldn’t quite get the right atmosphere down though, so when I started my notes she was a senior in high school. However, that didn’t feel right at all. So early last week or late the week before, I don’t remember, I started thinking maybe she would be a college freshman and living at home, and when I ran that concept through the thought mill, it was perfect! It’s exactly how I always saw her,ย so that’s what I’m going with.

Eighteen, right out of high school, still living with her parents since my college is literally 10 minutes away. None of the story takes place on the college campus, so far, even though I can use it if I want or have to. The fictional campus is based on a real tiny campus, and I have been there, but I’m going to try to squeeze the entire plot into a week’s time frame. If it doesn’t work, I won’t force it, but I would so love it if I could!

Insider information for you peeps, most of my stories take place inside of two weeks. I don’t know why. I just notice it happens that way. Also, most of my stories take place in the fall, since I’m OBSESSED with autumn apparently. I absolutely love the fall timeline. It’s so romantic. ^_^

I have to try really hard to place a story in a different season. I hate hot weather, personally, and in Tennessee, it might be freezing and snowy and icy on Monday and 55 degrees with no trace of snow on Friday, so winter settings are difficult for me because I honestly don’t understand the concept of wearing a coat. Ask anyone who knows me. If I wear a coat, people ALWAYS say something. It has to be freezing, and I have to be out of sweaters. But I have set one story in the wintertime in the last 3 years. I’m also pretty sure the peeps in that story forgot to wear a coat most of the time.

But anyway, the last story I finished didn’t have a season because it didn’t matter, it was kind of chilly where they were anyway. I’m sure it was fall though. ๐Ÿ˜›

DISCORD took place in October. The story I finished after that took place in the summer, but the weather was all screwy for that time of year because I kept wanting to do the cool breeze and pretty leaves thing. ^_^

Yep. There is no reason the current story HAS to be in October. In the opening chapter, Tatum and friends are going back home after spending the day at Nashville’s Oktoberfest Festival. They’re dressed up and it’s just fun. Plus, I liked the thought of her still adjusting to being in college and the struggle for independence because she’s still living at home and being treated like a child. So maybe it does have to be set in October! ๐Ÿ˜€

And this, folks, is how you get off topic. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • Tonja Drecker

    Love chapter one’s title ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m sure the rest will come, and I’m SUPER curious what this story is about. I’ve never been able to plan chapter titles ahead. Although I’m a plotter, things have a way of taking turns of their own so I’d end up changing most of them anyway. As to seasons, my stories are all over the place, but it’s due to plot reasons–school vacations, certain dances/holidays or historical events. But I agree with Fall being lovely. I’d probably choose that too ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Krystal Jane

      ^_^ Yep, plots are definitely little beasts in their own right. I can’t wait to talk more about it! It doesn’t happen often, but I’ve had to pick seasons and certain locations for plot reasons before, too.

  • Sunflower Michelle

    I don’t do chapter titles, but I love books that do! The Outlander books have chapter titles and they are quite something. I used to like fall, but now I seem to have deadly allergies during fall, so nope, not my favorite season. The current Victorian thing began in mid-summer. Pearl started in February. So I’m all over the place.

    • Krystal Jane

      Chapter titles can be really fun. ๐Ÿ™‚ My allergies play merry-go-round, so the only season I’m totally safe is winter. I didn’t have any problems last year. Boo allergies.

  • Ashley Dominique

    I generally don’t have chapter title either. I always feel like they are stupid (not the concept, but what I come up with). However I’m thinking I’m going to use them for my camp nano novel.

    • Krystal Jane

      You totally should! But I agree, it’s hard for me to come up with something that doesn’t make me laugh. I love them when they work though!

  • sandiedocker

    Chapter titles done well are great. The last book I read that had them I totally didn’t “get”. Maybe I’m not smart enough and that particular author was trying to be too clever????

    I like the first one you’ve come up with ๐Ÿ™‚ Any way you can keep the fairytale connection somehow through all the chapter titles? That might work well.

    • Krystal Jane

      Yes! That’s exactly what I hope to somehow manage to do anyway. I’ve been accused in the past of having titles no one gets, so I’m going to have to watch myself extra close on these. Lol!

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