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#WIPMarathon #23 (December)

One week left until 2016!! ^_^

Things I’m Glad I Did in 2015:
I’m glad I didn’t give up. This was a pretty good year as far as things go in general, but it was quite the rough year for writing. I finished nothing. I was frustrated and stressed and overwhelmed and discouraged, but somehow, I’m still writing. 🙂

In 2016, I’d Love To:
I would really like to finish three novels, four if the timing is right. ^_^ Four first drafts seems doable if I don’t spend a lot of time pitching a fit over something. I have a really good line up of ideas so I’m feeling really good about next year.

Last report wordcount + chapter count:
main idea: “The Inescapable” = 4211 words, Chapter 1, 6 chapters outlined
idea B: “Blackbird Manor” = 11 chapters outlined

Current report WC + CC:
main idea: “The Inescapable” = 25965 words, Chapter 11, 14 chapters outlined
idea B: “Blackbird Manor” = 11 chapters outlined
persistent plot bunny idea: “Songbird: = 4978 words, Chapter ??, no current outline – supernatural/retelling (still working out minor details, but the plot is solid)
Total new words: 26730

WIP Issues This Month:
Poor time management mostly. And being sick. It’s also been a tad busier for me than usual, and I tend to fall apart a little when I feel busy. Lol! More also, I still have some insecurities over a plot point in “Inescapable,” but I’m pushing through it one page at a time. I also have a bit of ADD. I haven’t started “Blackbird Manor” yet, at least, it doesn’t quite feel ready to draft, but then I decided to see if I could start “Songbird” because it was poking at me so much I started to get antsy, so now I’m actively drafting two stories. It usually doesn’t work out, but I don’t feel stressed about it. I’ll see how it goes. So, between those two projects and all the books I’m juggling in the reading arena, I’m having a not-so-small focusing problem. I feel like I need to take one book and just knock it out, but I want to read everything and write everything at the same time!! (cries)

What I learned this month in writing:
1 – I can see that I have a problem with a story, and I can be told even how to fix the problem, but until I understand why I had the problem in the first place, I’m going to keep having the same problem.
2 – It was actually a couple of months ago, but I figured out why my retelling ideas have been falling apart. I was never thinking broad enough. I kept trying to write something that looked like the original instead of letting the original inspire me to come up with whatever I wanted.
3 – I know when I need to fix something – I just need to listen to myself. Like really.
4 – I tend to freeze up when I get to a scene that looks a little complicated on paper. The best thing to do is just push through it and get it over with before I go three months without writing because I’m avoiding it. I can’t smooth the scene out until I get it down in the first place anyway.

What distracted me this month while writing:
Christmas 🙂 I also had a writing friend ask me to read through a craft book with her to help keep her accountable. I usually don’t read craft books, ESPECIALLY when I’m drafting, but it’s not messing me up, as far as I can tell. I just have to make time for it. I hope to have it done before I start editing again though. I’m not usually very productive in the wintertime. And I haven’t had that many writing sessions this month due to Christmas stuff and being up and down with various viruses and trying to read and trying to keep life from piling on top of me, but things are going well, and I feel good. Nothing to complain about. 😛

Goal for next month:
I would love to finish “Inescapable,” but if I don’t finish it, I’m not going to pitch a fit, it’s not that serious. As long as I’m making progress on something, I’m happy. I’m setting a hard deadline for the end of February though so I don’t get lazy.

Last 200 words:
Little bit from the current chapter of “Inescapable.”

The memory of it hangs over me like a storm cloud, waiting to afflict me again if I step out of line. Only I don’t know where that line is.

Tension fills my chest. That was no nightmare and you know it.

I push myself up, and my eyes land on the top duffle bag. The box. Getting up as quietly as I can, I fish the box out of the bag and sit back down with it. What have I done?

Happy Holidays! ^_^


  • Ifeoma Dennis

    *Hugs* I hope the viruses leave you alone and allow you thrive! Glad you didn’t give up! That’s what matters.

    I also suspect one of the reasons I haven’t gotten started on my book is because it looks so complicated on paper and I don’t know where to start, but like you said, I’ll try to push through it.

    I hope you write all the novels you have in mind next year, and that you’re proud of them and that you succeed!

    Merry Christmas!

    • Krystal Jane

      We can really freak ourselves out. I have some complicated things on my plate for literally all of the stories I have in mind for next year, but for some reason, the one for “Inescapable” looks the hardest to pull off. But anything can be made shiny. You can get it! 🙂

      Thank you! And Merry Christmas! ^_^

  • suzannevanrooyen14

    4 manuscripts!? Same as Jessica! I just can’t even 0_o That’s a whole lot of wordage! I’m so glad you didn’t give up either and I really hope that 2016 goes gentler on you.

    Wishing you all the best with all your writerly goals!

    • Krystal Jane

      Thanks! I’m really excited. I’m a pretty fast drafter, if I can keep myself from freaking out. Lol! But I will definitely be busy!

  • Yael Itamar

    “It was actually a couple of months ago, but I figured out why my retelling ideas have been falling apart. I was never thinking broad enough. I kept trying to write something that looked like the original instead of letting the original inspire me to come up with whatever I wanted.’

    -Yes to this.

  • Emma Adams (@ELAdams12)

    Best of luck with the goals next year! I always want to read and write everything at the same time, too.

    I think your second point is why I’ve never written a retelling. I always think I’ll stay too close to the source material.

    Congratulations on the words this month and good luck with the new manuscript! 🙂

    • Krystal Jane

      Thank you! ^_^ I have had so many retelling ideas fall apart at the seams! It’s horrible. I gave up for a little while, but I decided to try again a couple of years ago and see if I could think up anything that would stick.

  • Tonja Drecker

    I hear you on the not getting anything done this last year. So I’ll join you on the amazing amount of MSs in 2016 (we can keep kicking each other, okay? 😉 )
    Christmas makes it hard to get much of anything done in December, but it’s a great time to stock up on ideas and energy for January. And it sounds like you’ve got a lot already rolling in. Go get those words!

  • Cheyenne Campbell

    Time management issues is something I know WAY too much about, sadly! But that’s what New Year’s resolutions are for, right? 😀 (That’s what I’m telling myself).

    I loved this: “I know when I need to fix something – I just need to listen to myself. Like really.”

    I just came to this conclusion but it took *three* other people telling me the same thing needed to be changed, after probably 8 months of low-level, subconscious denial. I could’ve told myself that same thing but I just kept brushing it off. “It’s fine, really. I LOVE it this way.” But that’s what growth and progress is all about. Hooray for learning!

    • Krystal Jane

      Right! ^_^ I so understand about having several people tell you the same thing before you listen. I’m trying so hard to get better at this. It’s one thing if I don’t see it, but to see it and still not do anything about it – that’s the next writing hurdle I want to tackle for sure. We get so in love with our words, don’t we? 🙂

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