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That Time I Decided That Brainstorming Is The Best Thing Ever!

As you know, last week was Thanksgiving here in the US!! I got to see my favorite uncle and cousins, the only time of year I get to see them, and it’s always awesome. 😀

This year I got into a discussion about characterization and YA novels with one of my cousins, who’s like 22 now! I remember when he was born. CRAZY! After all the yakking and laughing and what not, I’m feeling a lot better about the projects on my plate. (My dad made squirrel and dumplings! I hate eating those things, but he was so proud of himself, so I tried it, and it was really good. O.O)

So, I have a “main idea” and a “B idea.” Main idea is the “this is what I do best” idea. Idea B is like the “experiment” idea, which I love to do every so often. This way, I can do both at once…kind of. I’m not double drafting. Just double outlining and brainstorming.

Before talking to super cool cousin, I still had one missing motivational thread for a character in the main idea. Without this, I really couldn’t start. Because motivations are essential. But we got into a really good discussion about Voldemort and President Snow that really helped to ease my anxiety over it and showed me that I was on the right path. ^_^

Also, before our convo, I was admittedly wigging out a little over some tricky mechanics in the story. I’m super excited about it – I have been from the start, and I have every confidence now that I can pull it off (ha,ha), but I didn’t a week ago. Just a pre-drafting freak out. Totally normal. Totally on time. 🙂

So, I do really well in the realm of characters who are a little morally bankrupt. It’s why my antagonists are always so awesome! And the stories I love and enjoy writing the most all have main characters that are a little, or a lot in some cases, questionable themselves. Less crazy than the antagonists for sure, but not straight-laced Clark Kent kind of people by any means. It’s something my sister has been encouraging me to embrace for years. ^_^

But back in 2011, I was chewed out about a rather issue-laden MC. Both my reader AND the girl who only read the query hated her. It was awful. And since then, I’ve tried to tone the crazy down, instead of, you know, focusing on why the character was coming off so bad and fixing it. Long story short, it makes for a horrible time. Even when I went for it, I’d worry so much about it and have a horrible time. 😐

However, my cousin pointed out that being in the head of someone other than your standard hero can be a nice change of pace. I love good guy stories as much as the next thing, but sometimes you just want something else. And for me, I always want to write the something else. Obviously, I don’t want people to hate them, especially when I love them so much. But talking to him was encouraging and provided a much needed boost in confidence.

So, I’m not worrying about any of it anymore. ^_^ The problem with the girl in the 2011 story was that we didn’t get to spend enough time with her. I had five point of views and a whole mess of seemingly unrelated flashbacks that took up a good third of the story – it was interesting, but it was ridiculous. I also realized later that her point of view should have been in first person, but I wasn’t willing to write in first person back then.

Anyway, cousins and I also talked back and forth about horror movies, and that was really helpful for idea B! I now have some great ideas about how to approach some of the trippier elements, along with some fun ways to mess with the reader along the way. ^_^

It’s going to be epic. If you read it, you won’t sleep with the lights off for a month. It scares me a little just to think about it. ^_^ (muhahaha) I’m so dramatic. Lol! But I like to play my stories out in movie form in my head, and this movie would scare the literal crap out of me. (shivers)

Needless to say, I’m excited, and I has my hands full of goodness!! Much love to everyone who’s let me bug them about my story so far. Lol!

Being sick all weekend had its advantages. I couldn’t do much more than blow my nose and medicate myself between naps. My brain got a much needed breather, and when I sat down to write I was pumping out over 2k words an hour! WHY CAN’T THAT HAPPEN ALL THE TIME?! (cries) Wouldn’t that be amazing? I mean, it’s only 33 words or little more a minute, but that’s fast for drafting, you know! You have to think about what to write and then get it to make sense.

Anywho, I’m so excited to be feeling this excited about something again! All the creative suffering this year has almost been worth it. Lol! I wrote for four days without any kind of chapter titles or anything, like a crazy person. I never do that. But I have chapter titles in there now. Symbols font. 😉 I like to entertain myself whilst I write. ^_^

I’m also so excited about December!! There’s good energy in the air, folks! Can you feel it? It’s electric! ^_^


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