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Homemade Gift Ideas, Part Four

Feeling crafty? Welcome to another exciting edition of The Craft Post!

You can find parts One, Two, & Three <——- there. Here are some more fun things you can make for friends and family (and yourself!) for Christmas or any time of the year!

*All of these ingredients and supplies can be found at any craft store or online. Things like herbs and essential oils can be found at a health food store or online.

Decorative Vase
– Vase or Jar or anything you can put flowers in
– River rocks or Sand
– Faux Flowers
– Optional: Decorative Stickers, Ribbon, or Thread
– Optional: Essential Oils or Fragrance (to spritz on the flowers)
– Optional: Wire Cutters (in case you need or want to cut the stems)

Directions: Self-explanatory. Though, I didn’t find spritzing the flowers helped too much. It probably would have been better to use perfume instead of what I did, which was a few drops of essential oils in water. But it was pretty!

Stained-Glass Art
If you have it going on like that, you can make it out of actual glass, but here is a way to make it without glass, exacto knives, and soldering tools. (The one pictured is the glass one I made in high school – I still don’t know why the ears are so uneven! Lol! I think my non-glass one is with the rest of my high school art at my parents house.)

-Plexi-Glass (or actual glass, but it’s more breakable)
-Glass Paint
-Metallic 3-D Fabric Paint (for mimicking cut edges)

Draw picture or print out the image you want to use. Make sure it’s the same dimensions as the glass you’re using. Lay image under the glass and trace it with fabric paint. Use glass paint to color in the sections. Dry. Obviously. 🙂

There is also this alternative way I found on that uses a hot glue gun. 🙂 Click through to see what your faux stained glass art could look like!

Decorative Masks
This is a really fun idea for anyone who likes masks. The one pictured was for a Halloween costume I made a few years back.

-Plain, buffered mask
-Decorative items (glitter, feathers, stickers)
-String or Ribbon (a lot of masks will come with an elastic string)
-Optional Tools: Hole punch, Stapler, Glue Gun

Directions: Go crazy!

Speaking of masks, if you can sew and know someone who would love it, you can custom make a costume for them!

Pillar Candles
We made Scented Candles in a jar in the very first post, but I wanted to try my hand at making Pillar Candles for the folks at work this year. As you can see from the picture, it did not work out. 😐 The metal mold kept leaking, and when I did finally get it to hold (most of) the wax, I couldn’t get the candle out of the mold! It was horrible. So, I found a silicone mold online, but changed my mind last minute and decided to make apple-shaped candles instead. 😛

Unfortunately, I have no idea how much wax it took to make each candle, but I had gotten about 10 pounds of wax originally in order to make 10 candles, per calculations based on a 6×3 in mold, if that helps. What I ended up with was about 10 pounds of wax that made twelve apple-shaped candles.

-Wax (I used Soy & Palm Wax this time)
-Candle Mold (and I highly recommend silicone molds!)
-Optional: Candle Dye or Food Coloring
-Fragrance Oil or Essential Oils
-Decorations (saucers to sit the candle on, glitter, ribbons, whatever)
-Large Glass Measuring Cup/Saucepan/Pitcher (reminder: no plastic or it will melt all over the place) – I got an aluminum pitcher at Hobby Lobby from the candle section

Thread wick through the bottom hole. Tape in place with duck tape – this covers the hole and prevents spillage. I used chopsticks to hold the wick straight through the opened end. Next, melt wax and candle dye (if you’re using dye). Remove from heat. Let cool for about five minutes or so. Add scent and food coloring (if you’re using food coloring). Stir. Pour in mold. When it’s solidified, pop it out and trim the wick. I let mine cool for about five hours on the counter top. I wasn’t comfortable trying to move the mold unto the freezer. So, this took a while as I only bought one mold.

For the purple candles I used cinnamon and cocoa oils, and they smelled like a cinnamon bun factory! YUM. ^_^

This is kind of self-explanatory, but it does make a really good gift!

Speaking of personalized picture gifts, a collage is another great gift idea!

It is all about the packaging!
^_^ from my mom ^_^

In that same vein, the following aren’t homemade, but they are personalized. ^_^
I make a photo calendar for myself every year full of quotes that I love.

My favorite place is, but VistaPrint also has good options, and I think the Apple store does, too. The mugs are also really fun. 😀

Happy Gift Giving!


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